‘Squid Game’ Star Jung Ho Yeon Meets Andrew Garfield, Can’t Stop Fangirling

Image by - Celebrity Hunts/ YouTube Screenshot

When ‘Squid Game’ star Jung Ho Yeon first met her idol, Andrew Garfield, at the AFI Luncheon event in the United States, she was taken aback. The cast recently attended the AFI Luncheon in America, a star-studded affair attended by some of the industry’s biggest names. One encounter, however, stood out: Jung Ho Yeon’s meeting with English actor Andrew Garfield.

Jung Ho Yeon meets her idol

Jung Ho Yeon recently attended the star-studded event ‘AFI Luncheon.’ And it was there that the star met a slew of Hollywood celebrities. However, one interaction that drew the attention of fans and that Jung Ho Yeon will never forget is her meeting with English actor Andrew Garfield, otakukart.com. 

Pictures of Jung Ho Yeon standing with Spiderman actor Andrew Garfield and actress Margeret Qualley have gone viral on the internet. Of course, the ‘Squid Game’ star was starstruck in front of the actor.

However, the two ended up having a very healthy photo session together. Nonetheless, even though Jung Ho Yeon and Andrew Garfield are two of the biggest stars, they were both fans of each other. During the event, the cast spoke with Variety in particular. Jung Ho Yeon opened up about her encounters with Andrew Garfield. Jung Ho Yeon couldn’t stop gushing about it when asked about the interaction. 

However, as starstruck as Jung Ho Yeon appeared, the actress’s following words proved that Andrew Garfield was just as delighted as their meeting turned into a flattery session, according to Koreaboo

Unfortunately, the interview was cut short, but it was clear how excited Jung Ho Yeon was to meet Andrew Garfield. Hopefully, this isn’t the last time the two interact, and fans will be able to see more of the stars in the future. They might even be cast in the same venture soon.

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