Joe Biden’s First State of the Union Address: POTUS Calls Out Vladimir Putin “Dictator,” Urges Kremlin To Pay The Price


After invading Ukraine, US President Joe Biden delivered a stern warning to Vladimir Putin, saying that he must pay a price or risk causing chaos.

He indicated in his State of the Union address that the West was prepared for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s strike on a European country. He went on to say that Putin had turned down alternatives to conflict, according to Mirror.

Joe Biden bans Russian planes on US airspace

Biden also announced that Russian planes will not be allowed to fly in American airspace. In addition to the current coronavirus pandemic, his government has two major challenges: the war in Ukraine and soaring inflation at home.Following Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, Biden stated that heavy sanctions would be imposed and that Russia would “carry the consequences.” The president criticized Moscow’s aggressive land, sea, and air attack on Ukraine.

Per Daily Mail, Biden also promised $1 billion in direct aid to help “alleviate suffering” in Ukraine, and he made it plain that, while American soldiers would not fight in Ukraine, the military will be ready to protect NATO members.

On inflation, Biden told a crowded Capitol that decreasing costs, raising salaries, and growing manufacturing in the United States are the best ways to lead the economy on the right path. Biden has indicated support for law enforcement financing in order to reduce violence in particular states and big cities.

According to a CNN post-State of the Union survey, just 41% of total viewers watching President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night had a “very good” reaction to the speech, the lowest in 15 years. The last time the CNN survey had comparable results was after George W. Bush’s State of the Union speech in 2007 when just 41% of respondents said they were “very positive,” while 37% said they were “somewhat favorable.”

According to CNN’s David Chalian, the poll’s respondents were nearly 11 points more Democratic. Another 29% of viewers saw the show in an unfavorable light, while another 29% viewed it in a slightly good way.

Last year’s figures were somewhat higher, with 51% of those who saw Biden’s speech in front of a unified Congress seeing it as “extremely good.” There has been a ten-percentage-point reduction in that area since then.

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