Following a snow plough accident, Jeremy Renner uses a modified treadmill to exercise

Jeremy Renner
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Following a snowplough accident, Jeremy Renner uses a modified treadmill to exercise.

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In the accident on January 1, the “Hawkeye” star broke more than 30 bones.

Jeremy Renner provides updated information on his rehabilitation from the snow plough accident.

Seven weeks after being seriously hurt on New Year’s Day, the “Avengers” actor uploaded a video of himself receiving therapy from an electric muscle stimulator.

Following an almost catastrophic snowplough accident earlier this year, Jeremy Renner just sent his followers a health update to show they he’s back in the game.

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The “Hawkeye” actor can be seen utilising a unique anti-gravity treadmill in a video he posted to Twitter on Sunday. This treadmill stabilises the person’s pelvis and distributes weight so they may walk normally while putting less pressure on their hips, knees, & feet while they heal.

The 52-year-old Marvel star claims in the video that he is exerting “40% of my weight” when walking.

The video’s commentary reads, “I now need to fill my time with OTHER activities so that my body can recuperate from my will. Intended healing that is magnificent.”

“I now have to find OTHER things to occupy my time so my body can recover from my will. #minduful #intended #recovery.”

The same clip was posted by him to his Instagram account with the description, “Now is the moment for my body to relax and recuperate from my will.”

On January 1, Renner suffered significant injuries after being dragged beneath his robotic snowcat snowplough tracks. In the collision, he had acute chest damage and over 30 shattered bones.

The “Avengers” actor needed emergency surgery after being evacuated from the accident scene, and he subsequently spent weeks in critical care before completing his recovery at home.

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Those who have seen Renner’s amazing recovery in person have already praised him for his strength of character. He has recovered like a mofo, according to Renner’s former The Hurt Locker co-star and fellow Marvel Cinematic Universe superhero Evangeline Lilly, who dubbed his recovery “a straight-up miracle” back in February.

Chris Evans, an Avenger who shares similar views with Renner, inquired, “Has anyone checked on the snowcat?”

Renner’s recovery does appear commendable of a superhero with the help of family, mates, and supporters.

On New Year’s Day, Renner attempted to stop his nephew from being hit by the snowcat when he was gravely hurt.

As the PistenBully started sliding downhill while he towed his nephew’s truck away from the snow, Renner suffered a serious injury and over 30 shattered bones.

Renner required numerous surgeries for “blunt chest trauma and orthopaedic damage” after being airlifted to a community hospital’s acute care unit close to his home in Reno, Nevada.

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The two-time Oscar nominee, who arrived home on January 16, has provided frequent updates on his recovery after Renner’s accident.

“New Year’s resolutions and morning workouts both changed this year. Created out of sadness for my entire extended family and rapidly concentrated on bringing people together in love,” he stated on the post, posting a picture of himself lying in bed.

“These over 30 shattered bones will heal and become stronger, just as the tie and love between family and friends grow stronger. Love and blessings to each of you said, Renner.

The “Hawkeye” star previewed his upcoming new TV series “Rennervations” on Instagram just a few weeks after his mishap. He claims it will premiere on Disney+ “as soon as I’m back on my feet,” It will be called “Rennervations.”

We cannot anticipate seeing the #rennervations show with all of you on @disneyplus very shortly! With a picture from the program, Renner commented on Instagram, “.” “From every corner of the world, WE are coming to YOU. I hope you’re prepared!!!”

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