Jay Leno has been discharged from the burn center after getting treated for severe burns in a car fire.

Jay Leno

The comedian was injured while working beneath a car, but he is expected to recover fully.

After being treated for serious burns in a recent petrol fire accident, Jay Leno was released from the hospital and is “looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with his family.”

The former “Tonight Show” host, 72, was released from the Grossman Burn Center in Los Angeles on Monday  according to a statement from the Center, which also shared a photo of the comedian with a few members of his care team.

The former Tonight Show host was said to be grateful for the care he received following the incident and “very grateful for all the well wishes.”

How did the incident take place?

The incident occurred last week while Leno was working beneath a car in Burbank, California.

The comedian was burned in the “deep second-degree” and possibly third-degree range. Dr Peter Grossman, on the other hand, said he was “pleased with Jay’s progress” and “optimistic” that Leno would recover completely.

“Jay would like to let all know how grateful he is for the care he received and is very admiring of the good wishes,” the Grossman Burn Centre said in a statement shared with US media.

“He is excited to spend Thanksgiving with his family and friends and wishes everyone a joyous holiday.”

The Center also showed several hospital employees a photo of Leno with visible burn scars on his neck, face, and hand.

He previously stated that he was “fine” but in recovery following the incident.

“I suffered severe burns as a result of a gasoline fire,” he said in a statement released to the PA news agency.

“I’m fine. I’ll be back on my feet in a week or two.”

When longtime host Johnny Carson retired in 1992, he took over NBC’s Tonight Show, and he returned for another sojourn from 2010 to 2014 before handing over the helm to current host Jimmy Fallon.

Leno, 72, turned his passion for automobiles into a CNBC show, Jay Leno’s Garage, and now hosts a comeback of the tv show You Bet Your Life.

Tim Allen believes Jay Leno is still ‘handsome’ despite suffering face burns.

Tim Allen cracked a joke. After recovering from third-degree burns, Jay Leno will resemble George Clooney.

The “Last Man Standing” star paid a visit to the former “Tonight Show” host, who has been in the hospital since Sunday after one of his classic cars caught fire in an accident.

“He’s feeling better,” Allen told the press. “We made some jokes because that’s what we do.” We shared our feelings.”

Despite suffering burns to his face, hands, and chest, Leno is expected to recover completely.

“He’s handsome and happy,” Allen said. “The hospital is doing an excellent job of caring for him.”

This week, a bandaged Leno spent time in a hyperbaric chamber to aid healing, with his doctor explaining that the tank reduces swelling, increases blood flow, and reduces bacteria. Tim Allen gave an upbeat update on his longtime friend Jay Leno.

Dr Peter Grossman also stated on Wednesday that the “Jay Leno’s Garage” host was in “good” condition after undergoing a “grafting procedure.” This week, he will also undergo a second surgery.

“We told some jokes because that’s what we do. We shared our feelings, “Leno divulged.

“His injuries are serious, but he is in good condition,” the doctor said, adding that Leno “did well” during the first surgery.

“He’s in a good mood,” Grossman disclosed.

Earlier this week, Leno explained how he was working on his 115-year-old car, and a fuel leak along with a simultaneous spark in the 1907 White Steam Car caused an explosion.

The TV personality credited his friend Dave with saving him by jumping on the flames and extinguishing them.

“I am fine,” said Leno in a statement. “I’ll be back on my feet in a week or two.”

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