Is Niki and Wilbur your favorite couple ?

Niki and Wilbur

Do you know this Couple? If you do, you must know the details and all the story behind them. If you don’t, then there is no need to worry. I am here to tell you everything. Will taking about what happened to them, and are they a couple? So let us get going and see the mystery behind this digital Couple with a top-rated YouTube channel. 

What happened to Niki and Wilbur?

Niki and Wilbur

Do you want to know what happened to Niki and Wilbur? They were a great couple. If yes, what happened to them, and if they were never a couple, why were there so many rumors about them? Niki na Wilbur is no celebrity, but they are no less than that. They are YouTubers, and they upload new videos daily. They are young digital content creators, and their content is so awaited because they are so popular. They both belong to Brighton, London. They have been making these videos for some time. As we all know, when the pandemic hit the world, everyone was locked up in their home. That was when social media took the rise, and everyone was using their phones and laptops so much that the number of creators and audiences grew more prominent. That was the time when they started their YouTube channel. The YouTube channel rose considerably at the end of the pandemic and became popular. 

The reality behind the niki and Wilbur kiss:

niki and Wilbur kiss

Yeh, of course, they kissed. They did it on camera, in videos, and on YouTube live. They are a great couple, and they look so good together. They are so adorable that you will fall in love with them once you start seeing their videos. They are counted as one of the best YouTubers ever. They have so many fans, and I have seen many fan pages named Niki and Wilbur. People are making fan art for them, and I have also seen their wallpapers on some of their fan’s cellphones. I mean, this is too much. They do not have fans. It’s a family. The YouTube family, as they call it. They are so popular today, and this is all because of their fans.  

What is the honest Niki and Wilbur’s age difference?

Niki and Wilbur’s age difference

Niki is nineteen years old and was born on 3 November 2001. She is just a teenager, and she joined the platform Youtube in the year 2020 when she just turned eighteen years old. She is also a streamer like Wilbur, and both of them are doing a great job pursuing their YouTube channel because their popularity has been touching heights every day since they started their channel. Wilbur is 26 years old as he was born on 14 September 1996. Their age difference is a bit more than I expected because Niki is just a teenager; on the other hand, Wilbur is a full-grown 26 years old man. Their age difference is seven years. No matter the age difference, they are still very adorable couples. 

What do you think? Are Niki and Wilbur still together?

Are Niki and Wilbur still together

Yes, they have been together for a long time and have taken many trips during their relationships. Wilbur took a trip to Nihachhu’s home country. Her home country is Germany, and this trip was planned for 2020. At that moment, they had never made their relationship public, or maybe it was confirmed they were not involved with each other at that time. Niki said on camera that she and Wilbur are just friends. They were never together. Things changed after some time, and I guess they are in a relationship now because, for me, they are the most adorable couple ever. You will not believe there is still no confirmation from their side that they are dating, but fans have this assumption, so everyone thinks the same.