Is Katie Britt from Whitmire for real?

What we recently saw wasn’t an AI deepfake and has shocked many. We are talking about Katie Britt. Later, the senior senator speech happened but one may not call that one real. He was from Alabama and gave up being genuine a while back. Later, on Thursday night, her phoniness rose to the surface in full view of millions of Americans.
There’s nothing that can be quotde from Britt’s speech that can convey the strangeness of the same. The mismatched emotions, the smiles in the wrong places, the jaw clenched when it shouldn’t have been was simply weirdness. However, that wasn’t not something that had to be seen, but even then, couldn’t be understood — like postmodernism, avant-garde performance art or an involuntary behavioral science experiment.
It was all supposed to be a rebuttal to the State of the Union. However, the best argument for Britt’s success was that, after it was over, no one was talking about Joe Biden’s speech. She then glitched out on national television and left millions of Americans asking what the heck they just watched.