International Space Station May Crash If Russia Sanctions Worsen Amid Ukraine Invasion, Roscosmos Claims

International Space Station
The completed International Space Station

Russia’s Roscosmos space agency warned today that Western sanctions against Russia might lead the 500-ton International Space Station (ISS) to crash. Dmitry Rogozin warned that if illegal restrictions were not removed, Russian warships servicing the ISS could be affected.

Western sanctions could CRASH ISS

As reported by NDTV, Russian spacecraft servicing the ISS could be affected by the sanctions, some of which date back to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. So, Roscosmos chairman, who wrote on Telegram, says that the Russian portion of the station, which helps adjust its orbit, could be impacted, forcing the 500-ton structure to crash into the sea or onto land.

“The Russian segment ensures that the station’s orbit is corrected (on average 11 times a year), including to avoid space debris,” said Rogozin, as quoted in the report.

DailyMail UK reported that despite repeated requests from the Russian side, the grounds and content of Western sanctions against Russian contractors for work in the interests of the ISS were never addressed, according to Rogozin.

It is doubtful that the ISS will come down in Russia, according to a map published. Last month, Rogozin mentioned the possibility of the space station collapsing while criticizing Western sanctions on social media.

NASA announced on March 1 that it was working to discover a way to keep the International Space Station in orbit without Russia’s assistance. Soyuz spacecraft transport personnel and supplies to the Russian portion.

What is the International Space Station

Large spacecraft, the International Space Station, resides in Earth’s orbit. This structure is used to house astronauts and cosmonauts during their missions to space. Besides being a laboratory, the space station is also a unique place to conduct scientific experiments.

According to NASA, there were several countries involved in the construction and operation of the space station. Astronauts built the space station’s components in orbit. It travels about 250 miles above Earth’s surface during its orbit. There are many things that NASA can learn about working and living in space by utilizing the space station currently. Humans will be able to go farther into space as a result of these advancements.

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