Interesting facts about the real Indian dad: Did he reveal his real face?

the real Indian dad

The actual Indian dad is a phrase or a tag used for a man who interrupts Sheena Malawi’s Voice in the short video on Tiktok. They were famous on TikTok, but as Indian creators, they shifted the platform to YouTube once TikTok got banned in India. Nobody ever knew whose voice was that which constantly interrupted the musician Sheena Melwani. Their fans and the Audience guessed that it was her father’s voice because the face of the person was never revealed. All we could ever hear was his voice, and he always made funny comments on Sheena Melawi’s acts and clothes. The comments h made were extremely funny, and Sheena got the idea of involving that person’s voice in every one of her videos because of the fans and Audience like the videos with his voice. She noticed that by doing this, she could also make humorous content, and she loved making others laugh and her growing followers. Hence, she went with the flow, but there was just one mystery for the Audience. She never revealed her relationship with that person and his face but did reveal one of the things, and I will be telling you the same in this article, so let us get going. 

Is It true that the Real Indian Dad Face Reveal:

So in a recent TikTok, Sheena revealed that that voice never belonged to her father. It was her husband’s voice ever since. The fans are shocked because whatever they have been guessing for so long is so wrong like nobody can ever be so wrong about anything. Now Fans and the Audience are asking for the face reveal and guessing what he might look like. They have come up with a guess that it is the Dinesh Melwani. He is known as the authentic Indian dad, and this title confused the Audience. They thought that was Sheena’s father, but in reality, he was the father of Sheena’s two very adorable kids. Everyone wishes the couple a great future ahead, and people share the news on the internet. This is just like when Marshmello revealed his face while receiving the grammy. 

Who can be the Real Indian Dad?

the real Indian dad

The Indian dad is just a character because Sheenahas never made his face revealed to the camera. Nobody knew who he was, even on Tik Tok, and when they started posting the videos on YouTube, they did not, so Amy changed and never revealed his face. His fame is always coverer with a cartoon character of his own like we make on your mobile phone and Snapchat. I am talking about the cartoon avatar of ourselves. So that person always used his cartoon avatar to conceal his face. The Audience only listens to his voice and famous accent in which he always talks in the videos. I have watched the time of Sheena’s video and always thought of why this person never reveals his face. He has not revealed the beginning until now, but the fans are guessing that this might be Dine Melwani because the Cartoon avatar’s resemblance to Dinesh melvin’s appearance is uncanny. 

 Who is Sheena melwani ?

Sheena melwani

First, I would like to say that Sheena Melwani is beautiful from the inside out. She has a great joyful soul, and the way she laughs and smiles all the time is something that I can watch the whole day without any rest. I am not a fan of hers, and I have not watched all her videos, but I have gone through some which grabbed my attention. Her smile and the content she is making are lovely and natural; it doesn’t seem like it is a script or something. I feel it’s the random moments she captures and records whenever something happens that make us feel good. Now let us come to the facts and the details. So she was born on September 1, 1983, which makes her almost 39 years old, and she is charming for her age. She is still running her TikTok page because she is an American-Canadian social media influencer so she can run her TikTok account. She is not just a social media influencer; she is a songwriter, musician, YouTube, and a very talented lady who is capable of making others smile effortlessly.