Insert song in “Pompo-san, who loves movies” “Take care of each phrase”

The film adaptation of the anime ” Movie Love Pompo-san ” ( coordinated by Takayuki Hirao ) in view of Shogo Sugiya’s [Human Plamo] manga will be delivered on June fourth. The craftsman of the YouTube mark “KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO” is responsible for the signature melody and addition tune. MANTAN WEB has delivered a meeting with the singer EMA of the music unit “DUSTCELL” that sings the supplement tune “We of the Rebels” as the second component of “Film Love Pompo-san x KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO”. We asked EMA, “I think I had the option to sing each expression cautiously,” about his contemplations on his works and melodies.

What would you like to attempt later on?

There are numerous things I need to challenge. I need to deliver more collections and singles, and I need to do live shows. I trust that individuals everywhere in the world will tune in to our music through a wide scope of exercises.

“We of the Rebels” sung by EMA is currently accessible on the iTunes Store and somewhere else. The music video is currently accessible on YouTube. An anime soundtrack containing “We of the Rebels” will be delivered on June fourth.