Initial D Adaptation: MF Ghost Anime Announced for 2023

Initial D Adaptation: MF Ghost Anime Announced for 2023
Initial D Adaptation: MF Ghost Anime Announced for 2023

MF Ghost is the sequel to Shuichi Shigeno’s street racing anime Initial D, and it will be adapted into an anime series. Along with Dr. Stone Season 3, which was revealed during Jump Festa 2022, this is one of the first animes to be confirmed for 2023.

Kodansha has also just announced that MF Ghost would be digitally published with an English translation on ComiXology and Amazon Kindle. Starting January 11, 2022, the first ten volumes will be accessible to read on those two platforms.

With that stated, here’s all we know so far about the forthcoming MF Ghost series. MF Ghost is a drag racing manga written by Shuichi Shigeno, the creator of Initial D. It was initially serialized in Japan in 2017 and is currently ongoing, with Volume 12 being the most recent volume to be released. It is the sequel to the Initial D manga, which was first published in 1993 and ran for 48 volumes, as published by the Anime Collective.

The movie adaptation of Initial D

Along with the introduction of the MF Ghost anime, a new teaser trailer was unveiled. It is completely dedicated to racing automobiles. With video drones following them, a Toyota 86, Lamborghini Huracan, and Ferrari 488 GTB race through Japanese Touge mountain roads. The character designs have yet to be shown in the teaser clip.

While self-driving vehicles have become the norm in the world’s ordinary traffic, racers can still compete in manned auto races known as MFG. 

Kanata Livington, an English-Japanese driver who graduated from a racing school in England and was coached by Takumi Fujiwara, the protagonist of Initial D, will be featured in the program. Shuichi Shigeno, the series’ author, is currently working on the MF Ghost manga, with the 13th tankobon volume set to be released on January 6, 2022, based on the written post on the Siliconera.

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