Hunter x Hunter: Gungi, The Imaginary Board Game Come to Real Life

Hunter X Hunter Gungi Game
Hunter X Hunter Gungi Game

The fictitious Gungi board game from Yoshihiro Togashi’s Hunter X Hunter manga series is receiving an actual real-life set. The goal of the game is to manipulate pieces on a 9×9 board to defeat the opponent’s king.

There are entry-level, novice, and intermediate-level rules, as well as stacking up to three pieces and arranging the pieces wherever they choose at the start of the game. Up until May 8, a basic edition containing just the board and pieces and a high-end version including piece holders and cases are available for sale in Japan through the Universal Music Store online store. 

On its YouTube account, Universal Music Japan replicated the pieces and guidelines, as well as a 4-minute explanatory video. Orders are expected to arrive on September 16. The normal set costs 4,840 yen, about $41, while the high-end set costs around $418, according to  Anime News Network.

Gungi Game au

Gungi was created in the Republic of East Gorteau, where it is played by practically every inhabitant. International competitions have been held over the past 15 years, with East Gorteau winning every year. Komugi is East Gorteau’s third straight champion, having won five events in a row.

The goal of Gungi is to checkmate your opponent’s King piece using 25 pieces for each player and a 9×9 grid gameboard. At the start of a game, participants can freely arrange their pieces on their side of the board, and they can opt to keep certain pieces off the board to utilize later.

The ability to stack pieces on top of each other distinguishes Gungi from related board games such as Chess or Shogi (Japanese Chess).  Gamers can stack up to three pieces, and stacked pieces are more difficult to take since players can only take the pieces of their opponent if their stack number is equal to or less than their own.

Furthermore, depending on the number of stacks, each piece alters, allowing them to broaden their range of motion. Gungi’s stacking feature, which provides strategic depth, is what sets it apart, as per Automaton media.

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