How popular is Cleaning Up Cast?

Cleaning Up Cast

This Korean drama called Cleaning up is official in Korean-language directed by Yun Seong-Sik. It was released between 4 June – 24 July 2022 worldwide. This beautiful K-drama is written by Choi Kyung-Mi. The story is pretty inspirational, and the storyline goes like this, there is a mum, Eo Yong-Mi, who raises her daughters by herself, and she struggles a lot to make a living by working as one of the cleaning ladies at a brokerage company. There are two other cleaning ladies, and all three of them have different dreams in life. In-Kyung and Maeng Suo-ja. In-Kyung wants to buy a food truck to run a mobile business. Maenf Suo-ja, on the other side is a very social person and also a very selfish person. She only talks to a person from whom she needs something. All three of them want to Fulfill their wishes, so they trade their company’s insider information for money.

The list of Cleaning Up Cast:

Cleaning Up Cast

The cast of Cleaning up is not that short; I have researched and written down every single person who belongs to the cast of Cleaning up. I have divided them accordingly:

The Main cast involves :

  • Yum Jung-ah as Eo Yong-miJeon So-min as Ahn In-kyung, Kim Jae-hwa as Maeng Soo-ja, Lee Moo-saeng as Lee Young-shin, Na In-woo as Lee Doo-yeong

Supporting Persons:

  • Jang Shin-young as Geum Jan-di, Song Jae-hee as Yoon Tae-kyung, Song Young-chang as Song Woo-chang

All the people around Eo Young-mi are :

  • Kim Tae-woo as Jin Seong-woo, Yoon Kyung-ho as Oh Dong-ju, Kal So-won as Jin Yun-ah, Hae-eun as Boo So-yeon, Kim Si-ha as Jin Xi-ah, Gil Hae-yeon as Bo-ran, Jeon Kook-hyang as Jang Kyung-ja, Yoon Jin-ho as Eo Yong-gyu

People around Maeng Soo-ja:

  • Go In-beom as Jung Sa-jang, Kwon Ji-woo as Jung Geun-woo

People around Ahn In-kyung

  • Oh Seung-yoon as Byeong Ryul

Investment and Securities Service Cleaning Team

  • Kim In-kwon as Cheon Deok-gyu, Park Ji-ah as Seok-soon, Kim Na-yul as Hye-sook, Son Jeong-rim as Bok-gi, Hwang Jung-min as Geum-sil


  • Ha Shi-eun as Boo So-yeon, Lee Tae-gum as Park Seong-gyu

The Special appearances

  • At last the special appearance includes: Kim Hye-yoon as Joo-hyeon, Yoo Young-jae as Yongmi’s nephew, Cha Chung-hwa as Dongseo, Kim Hye-hwa as Song Mi-hwa.

How many Cleaning Up Episodes are there?

Cleaning Up Episodes

There were six episodes and it all started with the first episode where Eo Yong-Mi, the struggling mum Sam, tries to turn her life the other way. She joins as a cleaner in a big company in the city of London, Where she gets an opportunity of doing something illegal and passes on the unlawful stock market information for some benefits to prevail and ends up with the sixth episode, where Sam risks everything and starts to lose everything, her action has tremendous consequences. Ultimately, she is supposed to Face the company people for whatever she did wrong by taking the insider information.

What do you think of the Cleaning Up  Korean drama 2022?

Cleaning Up  Korean drama 2022

This show is now streaming on Netflix and got almost positive reviews from the audience and the Critics. According to Imbd, it has got 6.2 ratings out of 10, and according to my drama list, it reached 7.5 ratings out of 10, which is evidence of all the positive reviews of this show. It is an ongoing show with only one season and six episodes, but the sources have confirmed that the story is yet to be told, and season second is on its way for us to watch. Korean dramas are all iconic and different from the rest of the world’s entertainment because of their originality, and the storyline is always great. K-dramas are famous for romance as well, but you must have heard of many popular Koren web series like The World of the Married (2020) Image Credit: Netflix, Crash Landing on You (2019-2020) Image Credit: Netflix, Goblin (2016-2017) Image Credit: Netflix, Mr Sunshine (2018), Mr Queen (2020-2021), Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) 2 (2021). They all have a huge fan following, and the super hit K-dramas as Cleaning up Korean Drama 2022.