How old is Miya Houston? Details of Marques Houston’s Wife and First Child

Miya Houston
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Details of Marques Houston’s Wife and their First Child

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Zara, a daughter, was born to singer Marques Houston and his wife Miya Dickey on December 2.

Houston revealed in an interview with Us Weekly that his wife picked the name Zara because she thought it was exotic. He added that Dickey wanted to give their daughter a unique name that stood out from the crowd.

Marques Houston, a singer, and his wife Miya Dickey, now the proud mother of their first child, welcomed Zara Houston into the world on December 2.

Miya can be seen flaunting her baby bump on Marques’s Insta

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Zara Houston was born to Marques Houston and Miya: Marques declared on Instagram on December 8, 2021.

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He withheld her birthdate, though. In the photo, he is seen kissing his newborn child. He captioned it with “My Heart.”

The announcement of the newborn was unexpected because neither of them had given any hints or mentioned being pregnant.

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Houston admitted that he and Dickey are experiencing unusual emotions as new parents. He remarked that the lack of sleep and the inability to watch their friends’ children reminded them that they were now parents.

Houston claimed in an interview with Us Weekly that his wife Zara chose their children’s names because she liked how they sounded exotic. He said Dickey had said he wanted their daughter to have a name that wouldn’t be thought of as a usual name.

Houston said that he and Dickey are having odd feelings due to becoming parents. He said that the inability to get any sleep and the inability to see their friends’ kids reminds them that they are now parents.

Where did Marques Houston and Miya Dickey first meet?

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Earlier, Marques Houston stated to have met Miya Dickey at a 2018 Jehovah’s Witness gathering. Chris Stokes, the manager of Houston, and his daughter welcomed them warmly.

Who is Marques Houston?

Houston is well-known for her performances in both acting and singing. He is well known for his television performance as Roger Evans in the sitcom Sister, Sister. Dickey has developed into a public personality, an online celebrity, and a celebrity partner during this time. She is thought to be worth $50,000 or so overall.

Age gaps between Marques Houston and Miya Dickey

How old is Miya Houston?

Miya Dickey was only 19 when she married Marques Houston in 2020. Houston revealed his wife’s age in a picture he shared on Instagram in June 2020.

Even though Miya’s hubby will be 40 years old in 2020, she will be 20. The age difference between the two individuals is twenty years. The pair decided to keep Dickey’s pregnancy a secret and kept quiet about it due to the hatred they had faced as a result of their differing ages.

Relationship history between Marques Houston and Miya Dickey over time

According to reports, Marques Houston initially interacted with Miya Dickey in 2018 during a Jehovah’s Witness event. The introduction was mediated by Houston’s manager Chris Stokes and his daughter.

The couple got engaged in 2019 after dating for one year and five months. When Houston started dating Dickey, the public expressed displeasure with their relationship, and some of those people questioned if Houston had achieved the legal age of majority.

Houston clarified on Instagram, saying that his love life shouldn’t be brought up given everything in the world. He declared that this was not about music or television but about his family and future wife.

When did Marques Houston and Miya Dickey get married?

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When Marques Houston and Miya Dickey chose to get married in 2020, the ceremony was held at the Eagle Glen Golf Club in Corona, California. Few individuals attended the event because of the COVID-19 epidemic; nonetheless, recording artist Major shocked everyone by turning there.

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