How does Sebastian Marino pass away? Cause of death of former Overkill & Anvil guitarist revealed

Sebastian Marino
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How did Guitarist Sebastian Marino pass away?

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Guitarist Sebastian Marino, for the bands Overkill and Anvil, died on January 1 early in the morning at 57 after being admitted to the hospital while handling sound at a New Year’s Eve concert in Florida. He was a member of both bands. He worked with both bands as a guitarist and a sound engineer.

Marino played on the 1991 album Worth the Weight by the Canadian metal band Anvil, which he was a part of from 1989 until 1995. After learning of Marino’s passing, Steve “Lips” Kudlow, a guitarist and singer for Anvil, shared a message of sympathy to his family and friends. Selby was a dear friend of mine, and I will truly miss him.

A distinctive Anvil release, Worth, the Weight, will always feature Seby! Sebastian Marino, farewell.

What happened to Sebastian Marino?

At age 57, guitarist Sebastian Marino, formerly of the group OVERKILL and ANVIL, passed away. In the early morning of January 1, Marino abruptly passed away after being hurriedly transported to the hospital.

Sebastian featured on three OVERKILL albums in the 1990s, including “The Killing Kind” (1996), “From The Underground And Below” (1997), and “Necroshine,” and contributed to the 1991 ANVIL album “Worth The Weight” ( 1999). The OFFICIAL ANVIL Facebook page shared news of Sebastian Marino’s passing.

Cause of Death: Sebastian Marino

We were astounded when we learned that Sebastian Marino, 57, had suffered a heart attack and died on January 1. Since he was particularly active in the 1990s, his name hasn’t been mentioned.

The career of Sebastian Marino: The Anvil Years

Sebastian Marino, born in New York’s Rochester in 1965, had his film debut in Anvil in 1989. Seb had the unpleasant misfortune of being a member of two legendary formations—Anvil and Overkill—during a time of flux and experimentation. Anvil quickly released some of their best albums, like all of the 80s acts.

In his seven years with Anvil, just ” Worth of the Weight ” was released in 1991. This album has moments and captures everything great about Anvil while not being one of the band’s noteworthy classics. Seb makes his entrance into the metal scene with this song.

The First Impact

In 1990, Seb made an unsuccessful first attempt to join Overkill. Bobby Gustafson left the group at this time, and a replacement was sought. They were looking for his replacements since they didn’t want there to be a real comparison with a solitary guitarist.

Since then, Gustafson’s departure has enabled Aeolos to increase their financial resources, while Overkill is still looking for a dependable guitar paring. They have been playing shows with just two guitarists.

Unfortunately, Seb loses his post at that time to Merritt Gant, and Rob Cannavino starts a new path for bats. Even though Seb was the one who was initially rejected, his positive example will help their future collaboration.

The unknown period of Ramrod

Fewer individuals are conscious that Marino & Comeau were founders of Ramrod (1992–1994). This power metal band only managed to put out one demo before they joined Overkill as the guitar duo.

However, due to their shared love of music, Overkill rehired Gant and Cannavino after they left. Even Comeau’s singing abilities will be appreciated, and he will take over the background vocals.

The Overkill Years

Like Anvil, Seb takes over as Overkill’s captain during a trying time. The previous guitar duo’s tenure was brief since albums like “I Ear Black” and, to a lesser extent, “WFO” failed to win over their devoted core followers.

They experiment with groove metal in the 1990s. We know that many ’80s thrash bands explored in the ’90s, and a few of us even enjoy music from this era now that we have a certain perspective because of the passage of time. Many people who had personally experienced it at the time found it difficult to accept.

The band would likely face scrutiny for the two new guitarists, and it appeared that they would need to win back their followers once more.

More groove and less thrash may be heard with a concentration on volume and dramatic playing. However, “Battle,” “God-Like,” “Cerifiable,” and “Cold, Hard Fact” stand out, while “The Morning After/Private Bleeding” won’t think twice about delivering us a track that almost sounds like a ballad.

All of this is unwelcome, but after closely examining their discography, we can say that “The Killing Kind” is among their least reliable works.

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