How ‘Amazing’ Episode 204 Will Be Boruto Director Teases

Boruto Uzumaki may have gotten a great deal of fire some time ago, yet the saint is beginning to get all the acknowledgment he merits. In spite of the individuals who measure him to his father, Boruto is flourishing in the manga and anime nowadays. Also, presently, one chief needs fans to get advertised for the following scene of Boruto.

The message comes civility of Masayuki Koda, the current head of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. The craftsman took to Twitter to commend the arrival of the current week’s scene, and he proceeded to tell fans that one week from now will be an uncommon treat.

“Look at the present [episode of] Boruto,” Koda composed. “It might appear to be short, however, the following week’s Boruto may very well be astonishing?!”

As should be obvious, Koda has something exceptional got ready for one week from now, and that looks good for fans. All things considered, Boruto doesn’t regularly amaze fans with its specialty, yet it attempts to blow away when the opportunity arrives. In the event that you will recollect, Naruto and Sasuke’s fight with Momoshiki stamped one such second, so another could be in transit.