Holly Springs police shoot and kill suspect who attacked officer with knife

Holly Springs
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Holly Springs police shoot and kill suspect who attacked an officer with a knife.

According to Holly Springs police, they shot and killed a guy allegedly assaulting authorities.

Late last night, it occurred in front of a house on Cobalt Creek Way, north of downtown, right off Main Street.

Police said they received a call about someone acting abnormally, verbally threatening people, and obstructing the entrance to their garage and driveway around 9:30 last night.

The individual was still present in the residents’ driveway when the police arrived.

According to police, the unidentified suspect allegedly attacked an officer with a knife, prompting at least one officer to fire at the assailant.

The suspect was taken to the hospital, where he eventually passed away.

No cops suffered significant injuries, although one was transported to the hospital to be examined for any potential wounds.

The SBI is handling the inquiry.

We shall update you as soon as we get any further information from reliable sources.

A Georgia guy who is missing after being accused of killing his ex-girlfriend and her partner has been found dead.

image source: fox news

Authorities announced Tuesday that a man wanted by Georgia after killing his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend somewhere in a home was discovered dead.

According to the Johns Creek Police Department, Abdul Batin Rashid, 48, was discovered with what showed up to be a self-inflicted bullet wound at a Sandy Springs residence at 12:30 p.m.

Authorities claim Rashid injured Heather Quiggle and Jerrold Knight at 2:40 a.m. at a residence on Plantation Bridge Drive in Johns Creek, making them want him since early Monday.

Knight was shot in the leg, while Quiggle was hit in the chest. Before the arrival of paramedics, officers kept both victims stable at the site.

Quiggle and Knight were both taken to a nearby hospital in a hurry, and their conditions were last understood to be stable.

When he heard the gunshots while at home, Quiggle’s son, who was also present at the time, rushed out of his window to seek assistance from a neighbor; according to the police, when police arrived, Rashid had already left the site. Rashid should be viewed as dangerous and armed, according to the authorities.

Mike Hodges, 90, filmmaker of “Get Carter” & “Flash Gordon,” dies.

Image source: DGA

Mike Hodges, a British director of the cult classic science fiction picture “Flash Gordon” and the gangland thriller “Get Carter,” has passed away. He was 90.

According to his acquaintance and former producer Mike Kaplan, Hodges passed away Saturday at his home in the southwest English county of Dorset. The reason for death was not disclosed.

Hodges, born in Bristol, an English port city, served two years of mandatory military service on a Royal Navy minesweeper, seeing underprivileged coastal areas all around England. Hodges received accounting training.

In a statement to The Guardian earlier this year, he said, “For 2 years, my middle-class senses were forced to observe horrible poverty and hardship that I was previously oblivious of.

The event influenced his 1971 thriller “Get Carter,” which he directed and wrote. In it, Michael Caine played a criminal who tracks out his brother’s killers by returning to his hometown of Newcastle. It is regarded as a British classic because of its unrelenting violence, vividly grimy northeast England surroundings, and jazz accompaniment.

In Hodges’ 1972 criminal comedy “Pulp,” Caine again had a leading role. The sci-fi thriller “The Terminal Man,” featuring George Segal as a scientist who becomes violent when electrodes are inserted in his brain, was directed by Hodges in 1974.

“Morons from Outer Space,” a sci-fi comedy directed by Hodges in 1985, did less. A Prayer for the Dying, in which Mickey Rourke played a former IRA terrorist, and “Black Rainbow,” in which Rosanna Arquette played a psychic medium who was the target of an assassin, where two more of his films from the 1980s.

Hodges enjoyed a late-career triumph with the 1998 drama “Croupier,” which helped give Clive Owen his international breakthrough role as a dealer in a London casino. The movie initially had a poor performance in the UK, but it was a huge success. Hodges’ final movie, “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead,” which was released in 2003, also starred Owen.

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