Heaven Official’s Blessing: Chinese Fantasy About Taoism, Chinese Mythology

Heaven Official Blessing: 5 Reasons to Watch
Heaven Official Blessing: 5 Reasons to Watch

The animated series of Heaven Official’s Blessing is commonly known as Tian Guan Ci Fu based on a collection of books. Which is the same name written by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu.

The author who wrote The Untamed creates a story that is both epic in scope and very personal and human. The latest installment in the fantasy Boys Loves series.

The narrative incorporates elements of fantasy and the supernatural. As well as horror and blood. It is a subgenre of Chinese fantasy that creates a pseudo-historical fantasy. 

Heaven Official’s Blessing is a BL (Boys’ Love). The romance isn’t as overt as it is in most yaoi. Instead, it’s expressed via more delicate and charming gestures. 

As a prince and then as a deity, Xie Lian has received a great deal of love and adoration from his devotees. The Blessing of the Heaven Official makes it apparent that, while the gods are strong, they are not omnipotent.

Being a human god’s epitome and being a genuine god is that he is now eternal, but his power is still constrained to some extent is the only difference.

Xie Lian has endured more than his fair share of suffering behind that sweet grin, underneath the self-deprecating humor, this is buried. When he’s in an embarrassing situation, he can’t decide whether to cry or laugh.

One of Donghua’s greatest appeals, besides its characters and themes, is world-building.  The fantasy world of Heaven Official’s Blessing is one in which gods, demons, ghosts, and humans all coexist, but not always harmoniously. Based on the post of the CBR.com site,  from the  Novel heavens Official’s Blessing 

Heaven Official’s Blessing Worth Watching

 The Blessing of Heaven Officials takes place in a colorful and exciting setting. The cultivator’s exorcists with swords who traverse the earth squashing evil and growing their own spiritual strength in the hopes of becoming eternal are a mainstay of the genre. 

As a result, this is a realm populated by gods and ghosts. And, as the title indicates, Heaven Official’s Blessing is primarily concerned with the pantheon of gods. Based on the Collider.com website.

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