Have you seen the dekus hero costume ?

dekus hero costume 

Deku’s hero costume is called My Hero Academia in English. It is a very famous Japanese superhero manga. This superhero is captured in Japanese manga comics and not just them but the international anime lovers. This anime is so popular that you have probably heard of it somewhere. If you are not into anime and are just thinking about why people are crazy about these stupid-looking cartoons and why they are so eager to release the next part, then let me tell you the truth I have been there. I used to think exactly what you have been thinking, and the moment you start reading a manga, you will feel that you can’t leave it until you read all the parts of it. The stories they have are mesmerizing, and they will leave you thinking a whole lot. Once you get into these manga comics and animations, my friend, there is no return. This article will tell you about the Dekus hero Costume. I know you are interested in the My hero Academia season 5, and because of that, you are here to read about the Dekus hero Costume. So without any further do, we should let us get going. 

Is Deku portrayed as Deku villain in the series?

Deku villain

Izuku Midoriya is one of the most dangerous villains of all time. He is also known as Deku and is the main character of the My Hero Academia manga and the anime series. He was born different than the Peters. He was Quirkiness and always used to catch everyone’s attention. He always had this sense of heroism and justice. People used to be jealous of him, and some admired Deku for his work and personality. The main difference between this series and the others is that here, in My Hero Academia manga, the villain is the hero, and in others, there is only the hero. Having an only hero is the same and very general story plot that even the Bollywood movies have,e but making the villain n the hero is the most exciting part.  

 Do you know what Dekuage is?

deku age

Izuku Midoriy, or Deku, is currently sixteen years old. Yes, he is just a teenager. He was born on July 15, 2005. I have a bit more personal information about him,m and I would like to share it with you. His zodiac sign is Cancer. When the first season started, he was just 14 years old and had just hit puberty. Then he met his idol and Japan’s Greatest hero, All Might. He got trained forten0 months straight,t and by the time he entered U, A, he was almost 15 years old. 

So, during his training at the Forest training Arc. And no,w after the summer, when the comic continue,d it is given in writing that he is 16 years old now. 

Ultimate changes in Deku’s hero costume:

dekus hero costume 

So now I will be describing each and everything about Izuku’s personality and his costume as well. He is a bit short for his ag,e and has a great height. He doesn’t have any precise jawline. His face is round, and he has a dark green color hare which is always a mess. He has beautiful big eyes with bug eyelashes and odd angles around his head. His eyes are circular and are of green color. His eye s most of the ties are very watery and shiny,y, and nobody knows why. He looks good in his eye color matches his hair color. He has this innocent and very energetic appearance. He used to be so skinny but later on, he gained muscle,e and now he has this toned body,y and he looks dashing. In this new season of My Hero Academia manga, his costume has been updated,d and people are going crazy over his recent form and costume. Nothing much has changed. They have made minor changes in the outfit, but still, it looks different. It looks better than the first and makes him look more of a grown-up boy now.