Gundam Evolution Reveals Free-to-Play Shooter, to be Released on Consoles, PC

Gundam Evolution
Gundam Evolution game

PlayStation 5 and 4 owners will be able to play Gundam Evolution when it launches this year. Battle for supremacy on the battlefield in this new free-to-play shooter (FPS), in which players pilot Mobile Suits from the Gundam anime series in 6v6 objective-based conflict.

Gundam Evolution’s new free-to-play shooter

There are a total of 12 starting Mobile Suit Units in Gundam Evolution, each with its own unique attack and support loadouts, which are available to all players for free. Even if you’re a die-hard UC fan, there are plenty of units from around the Gundam universe for you to play with. From their favorite series, players can choose the outfit they like best and alter their play style to suit the needs of the squad.

According to PlayStation Blog, auto Repair and strategically positioned Repair Pods allow players to experiment with their team compositions and combat methods more freely. The Boost system, which provides players with a wide range of strategies that can aid in maneuverability on the battlefield, allow teams to quickly rally assistance, and even dodge enemy attacks in the midst of battle, supports the simple game controls.

Playstation is doing a network test this spring, and they need your participation to evaluate a variety of game and server features. If you’re a fan of the genre, this is a terrific opportunity to be involved in the game’s development and test your piloting talents. Additionally, 4K resolution and 60 FPS graphical settings will be shown off to PS5 owners for the first time.

Gundam Evolution mode of play

As reported by The Amuse Tech, there will be three different game modes in Gundam Evolution. The PlayStation blog has compiled a list of all three game modes in Gundam Evolution.

  • Point Capture Teams

Teams take turns capturing incremental control locations in order to go forward in the game. To win, players will have to rely on all of their abilities or maintain their position in the defensive line.

  • Domination

Two teams compete for possession of three objectives that have yet to be unlocked. It’s a tough point-for-point duel on a constantly shifting playing field.

  • Destruction

As per the report, teams are divided into Attacker and Defender positions, and they compete against one another to achieve or protect their objectives. This game of suppression or sabotage is a war of the sexes, as the name implies. The ability to work together is essential for turning the tide of war.

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