Goku Creates Platforms and Marketplaces for Anime NFT and Manga Content Fans


Goku is a platform specially created for the anime and manga community. The project has been established to assist such fandoms and offer platforms and markets to  producers. Furthermore, to make the experience more gratifying, the platform also provides consumers with GOKU coins reports coinquora.com.

NFT or Non Fungible tokens- spin-offs of the Blockchain technology

NFT’s or Non Fungible tokens are other spin-offs of the Blockchain technology which invented the cryptocurrency. NFT helps eliminate the middlemen digital media platforms and enables the creator of the art form with the actual patrons and fans.

Goku NFT
Goku NFT

NFT’s could be labelled as the factor which has brought digital revolution is NFT Marketplaces. They are helping create a platform for producers who can now offer their creations directly to their audience and patrons. The NFT marketplace also negates the need for producers to rely on traditional content distribution channels like Instagram or Youtube. Instead, the platform envisages allowing producers to generate value for their work independently.

NFT and NFT marketplaces offer creators and consumers an easily accessible supply-chain format. In addition, NFT Marketplaces is also catering to specific niches such as K-pop, luxury goods, and trading cards are increasing.

Goku-A platform for the anime and manga community

Like any other NFT, Goku is a platform that enables the creation of a community for anime and manga. It allows artists to interact and connect to their followers directly. It also envisages safe access to anime NFTs and Manga content while ensuring the validity of the NFT collectibles created by Goku.

Goku also creates platforms and marketplaces to assist anime and manga platforms. It also makes them more profitable for producers and consumers by using their native GOKU coin.

The NFT marketplace is in metamorphosis and dynamic flux. It is fast evolving according to changing scenarios. NFT marketplaces like Goku enable the creators to monetize their creations from the community and networks rather than just being a location to trade digital art. In other words, platforms like Goku want to establish a secure environment where people can express their love for Manga and Anime.