Get To Know About Coodie Simmons Net Worth

Coodie Simmons

Coodie is known to be a film director. He was born on 18th of January in the year 1971. He also shows expertise in the fields of direction, screenwriting, cinematography and also in production. He teams up with his brother Chike for directing the movies. The first movie which they directed was of a video by Kanye West. The video is entitled as through the Wire. The video was also nominated for the MTV viewers Choice Awards, the video is the winner of the award for Source Award for Best Music. In this article we will get to know more about the net worth and life of Coodie Simmons.

Everything You Need To Know About Coodie Simmons Early Life:

Coodie Simmons Early Life

Coodie was born on 18th of January in the year 1971. He is native from Chicago at Illinois. He was born to Wendy Simmons and Clarence Ivy Simmons. He is also named as Clarence Ivy Simmons Jr. His father have served as a CTA Transporter and was born in South Carolina. His mother was born in Chicago and was born and brought up there only. Coodie completed his high school education from Julian High School. And during his school days he came to know about his interests in entertaining. He was really good at comedy and his parents admired this talent of him. He used to perform alongside his sister named as Tonia Simmons on radio and gives her the credit of his success.

Get To Know About Coodie Simmons’s Channel Zero:

Coodie Simmons’s Channel Zero

Coodie founded a channel named channel zero in the year 1994 along with his friend Danny Sorge. His brother also played a great role in the success of Coodie. Coodie and his friend released a show which gained a high acclamation all across Chicago.Chike completed his graduation from the Savannah College of Art and Design from Georgia and started his career in motion and graphics. In the New York City he met with Coodie. They met through a show on MTV which was produced by Chike the show was called You Heard It First. They both together made a music video together for Kanye West. They directed another video for Jesus Walks.

All you Need To Know About Coodie Simsoons Control:

Coodie Simsoons Creative Control

Creative Control is the company which was founded in the year 2007. It is a production company. The company have produced music videos like Window Seat and Old School love. The production company have also started producing short film. One of its creation includes Good Morning, it was made for American Family Insurance. The short film Benji was also produced by the production company. Coodie have also worked with artists like Rick Ross, Currensy, Joey Badass, The Black Keys, Gil Scott etc.

Insight Of Coodie Simoons Net Worth:

Coodie Simoons Net Worth

The net worth of Coodie Simmons is estimated to be approximately of $1.5 million. This analysis was made as per the year 2022. His source of income includes direction, screenwriting, cinematography and also production. He have collaborated with various artists to make the music videos. He have worked with artists like Lupe Fiasco, Pitbull and Kanye West etc. he run different channels along with his friend Chike. The blessings and support which he gets from both audience and his family have resulted in his success, his work is widely admired and he have directed some of the best music videos and short films. According to his net worth his yearly income can be assumed of $125K. He have earned his name with all the hard work and determination and gives the credit of his success to his sister who introduced him to the media industry.

Do You Know About Coodie Simoons Interests?

Coodie Simoons Interests

Coodie who was born in Chicago, got to know his interests when he was in his high school days . he identified that he likes to entertain others and it gives him satisfaction. He made his first appearance in Def Comedy Jam and BET’s Comic Show. Currently Coodie is living along with Chike at New York. Coodie used to perform alongside his sister named as Tonia Simmons on radio and gives her the credit of his success. His mother also supported him a lot in his career.