First Key Visual Reveals by In the Land of Leadale Anime

Back in February, a TV anime variation was reported for Ceez’s dream light novel arrangement Leadale no Daichi nite, AKA In the Land of Leadale. Presently we have our first gander at the variation as a key visual.

Notwithstanding the main visual, the anime’s true site is presently open. Stay tuned for insights concerning the transformation as they’re reported, and read on for additional about the arrangement underneath.

The In the Land of Leadale books were posted on the Japanese client-produced novel distributing site Shousetsuka ni Narou from November 2010 to May 2019. Its print release highlighting representations by Tenmaso has been distributed from KADOKAWA since January 2019, and the manga variation delineated by Dashio Tsukimi has been serialized on Comic Walker and Web Display Comic.

Yen Press began distributing the arrangement in English in October of 2020. Here’s the way the distributer portrays the primary volume:

Fresh starts in Familiar Lands. After a terrible mishap put her in a coma, the last remnant of opportunity Keina Kagami had was in the VRMMORPG World of Leadale. At the point when she awakens in the body of her game symbol, however, Keina-now Cayna-tracks down that the concerns of her previous lifestyle seem, by all accounts, to be a relic of past times, yet in some way or another this new land doesn’t appear to be an incredible Leadale she recollects…