Everything You Need To Know About Mist Film Locations


The mist is a movie which was made in the year 2007. It is an American movie ehich comes under the genre of science fiction and horror. It is an adaptation of a novel by Stephen King which was published in the year 1980. The film stars actor William sadler, Thomas Jane, Alexa Davalos, Buck Taylor and many more. The film is directed by Frank Darabont. The producers of the movie include Frank Darabont, Martin Shafer and Liz Glotzer. In the movie we can see cinematography by Rohn Schmidt. It is edited by Hunter M Via. The movie was released on 21 November, 2007.

Insight of The Mist Cast and Characters:

Mist Cast and Characters

The cast of the movie includes Thomas Jane in the role of David Drayton. Marcia Gay Harden is in the role of Mrs. Carmody. Laurie Holden is in the role of Amanda Dunfrey. Andre Braugher is portraying the role of Brent Norton. Toby Jones is seen in the role of Ollie Weeks. William Saddler is in the role of Jim Grondin. Jeffrey DeMunn is in the role of Dan Miller. Frances Sternhagen in the role of Irene Reppler. Sam Witwer is portraying the role of Private wayne Jessup and others.

The characters of the movie includes David Drayton, who is a painter and gets trapped in a supermarket along with his son named Billy. Mrs. Carmody is a very devoted lady towards her religion she considers mist as the wrath of god. Amanda Dunfrey is a teacher at local school, she always carries a Colt revolver wherever she goes. Brent Norton is the neighbor of David and also the attorney of the big city. Ollie Weeks is the manager of supermarket, and is very much experienced with guns. Jim Grondin is a mechanic with a weak mind. Dan Miller, feels danger from the mist and hides in the market and many more.

Get To Know About The Mist Development and Music:

Mist Development and Music

The film is directed by Frank Darabont. He got the idea of making a film after reading a novel published in the year 1980 named “The Mist”. He got very much fascinated by the novel and thought of making a film adaptation of it.

He made certain changes in the ending parts of the novel and so that it could lay a heavier impact on audience he decided to keep the music with minimal possible effects. According to him a silent music can add thrill to a movie more than that of a louder music. The song which is used in the movie is by the band Dead Can Dance which is ‘The Host of Seraphim’. The original music was composed by Mark Isham.

Know About The Mist Filming Locations:

The Mist Filming Locations

The principal filming of the movie Mist began in the Shreveport Louisiana on the month of February in the year 2007. Other filming locations include, the scenes for the Tom’s Market were shot at 212 N  Pine, Vivian, Louisiana in USA. Another location is Minden, Louisiana, USA. Some scenes were also filmed at Shreveport, Louisiana, USA. The scenes for the stage work were shot in 400 Clyde Fant Memorial Parkway,  Shreveport, Louisiana, USA. Some scenes were also shot at Atlanta, Texas at USA.

Everything About The Mist Plot:

Mist Plot

In the initial scenes of the movie a thunderstorm hitting the city Bridgton could be seen. Due to which a man named David Drayton, his wife Stephanie and their eight year old kid are hiding in the basement of their house at the lakeside. When the thunderstorm calms in the morning, they move out to see the damage and finds a thick mist covering the whole lake.

Know About The Mist Critical Response And Box Office Collection:

The Mist Critical Response And Box Office Collection

On the website Rotten Tomatoes the movie got a positive review percentage of 71%, on the basis of 147 reviews. It got the rating of 6.60 out of 10.

The film was released in Canada and United States on 21 November, 2007. In the opening week the movie got a collection of $8,931,973. On August 9 in the year 2009 the film earned $25,593,755 in United States and $27,560,960 in Canada. It also got a total of $57,289,103 from all over the world.