Everything You Need To Know About Miri Killed Her Friend

miri killed her friend

The eighth episode of the american television series’s first season is titled as “Miri”. It is an episode of the series Star Trek. The series is directed by Vincetn McEveety. Plot is written by Adrian Spies. The episode was aired on October 27, 1966. In the episode the fictional spacecraft of the media franchise named as enterprise becomes successful in finding an exact duplicate of our planet Earth. Only man made plauge which is deadly can servive in the planet.

All You Need To Know About Episode Miri Plot:

Episode Miri plot


In the episode the fictional spacecraft of the media franchise named as enterprise becomes successful in finding an exact duplicate of our planet Earth. Only man made plague which is deadly can survive in the planet. The enterprise calculates the dimensions and circumference of the planet with the help of measuring instruments, the circumference was determined as 24, 874 miles. On hearing some noises Captain Kirk, Officer Spock, Chief Officer Dr. McCoy come across abandoned building. There they find a girl in her teenage years. The name of the girl is Miri on getting a sight of them she starts to run as In her planet the grownups killed the children. Only she and her friends are left on the planet. When the team notice purple lesions on their body , Miri inform them that these lesions are the first symptoms of the disease which is spreading in the planet.

Know About Episode Miri Ban:

Episode Miri ban

When the episode named ‘Miri’ first premiered on the television on December in the year 1970. Many people complained regarding the content of the episode to the broadcaster of the show which was BBC, however BBC did not revealed the nature of complaints which people were filing. As the result the episode was never repeated on the channel in 1970s and 1980s. Three other episodes faced denial by the the audiences, which were, “ Whom Gods Destroy”, “Plato’s Stepchildren” and “The Empath”. After all the complaints were looked upon, BBC released a statement stating that, They will no longer broadcast the four episodes as they are unpleasant, and spreading hate amongst the viewers. In the year 1990 the ban from the series was lifted and it was also premiered on the Horror Channel in Britain.

Everything To Know About Episode Miri Production:

Episode Miri production

The scene displaying the exterior of planets were shot on the set of the series The Andy Griffith Show. The show stars actors like Kim Darby, Grace Lee Whiteny, Vincent McEveety , Michael J Pollard and many others. The child actress Kellie Flanagan made her debut through a role in this television series. In the series she played the role of a blonde girl who is standing on the table in the schoolhouse. Other child actors include, John Megna who also played the role of Charles Baker “Dill” Harris in the movie To Kill A Mockingbird.

All You Need To Know About episode Miri Ending:

Episode Miri ending

In the end part of the episode we can see Mc Coy becoming successful in making the vaccine for the disease which was causing deaths. Kirk warns Miri that if she will not help them then the disease will spread among all of them. Miri is also infected with the disease. Mc coy is able to test the vaccine, which turns out to be working perfectly. Everyone on the planet gets vaccinated. After the completion of vaccination drive the children are left under the observation of medical team . Kirk organises and sends a team of teachers to them in order to improve their lives.

Get To Know About Episode Miri’s Miri:

Episode Miri’s Miri

The role of Miri in the series is portrayed by one and only Kim Darby, she was born on July 8, 1947. She is an american actress and is famous for her role of Mattie Ross in the movie True Gift which was released in the year 1969. She was married to James Westmoreland but got divorced in less than two months of the marriage. Earlier she was married to James Stacy in the year 1968 and got divorced in the year 1969. She also had one child with him.