Everything You Need To Know About Eddie And Cruisers Cast

Eddie And Cruisers

Eddie And Cruisers is an american series, which comes under the genre of musical drama. It was premiered in the year 1983. The series is directed by Martin Davidson. The plot of the movie is written by Arlene Davidson and the director of the series. It is absed on a novel by P F Kluge. The producers of the series includes Joseph Brooks and Robert K. Lifton. It stars actor Tom Berenger, Michael Pare and many more. We can see the cinematography by Fred Murphy in the series. The series is edited by Priscilla Nedd. It was released on 23rd September in the year 1983.

Insight of Eddie And The  Cruiser Cast:

Eddie And The Cruiser Cast

The cast of the series include Tom Berenger in the role of Frank Ridgeway. Michael Pare is seen in the role of eddie Wilson. Joe Pantoliano is seen playing the role of Doc Robbins. Matthew Laurence is in the role of Sal Amato. Helen Schneider is being portrayed in the role of Joann Carlino. David Wilson is seen in the role of Kenny Hopkins. Michael “Tunes” Antunes Is in the role of Wendell Newton. Ellen Barkin is seen portraying the role of Maggie Foley. Kenny Vance appeared in the role of Lew Eisen.

Get To Know About Eddie And The Cruiser’s Plot:

Eddie And The Cruiser’s Plot

The storyline of the movie revolves around a television reporter named Maggie Foley, who is investigating the case of rock star Eddie Wilson, who disappeared mysteriously. The movie also shows flashbacks of the live of the rockstar, the performances of his band, his downfall and rise, various incidents of his life have been portrayed. The band formation takes place at a club located in Somers Point at New Jersey. The club is named as Tony Mart. There Eddie hires members for his band which includes Frank Ridgeway as the keyboard player and also the writer, Doc Robbins as band manager, Sal Amato as the bassist, Wendell Newton as Saxophonist, Joann Carlino as background singer who is also Eddie’s Girlfriend.

Everything You Need To Know About Eddie And The Cruiser Development and Shooting:

Eddie And The Cruiser Development and Shooting

The screenplay of the series Martin Davidson stated that he had a great interest and desire of rock music so whatever feeling he had since 30 years about the rock music, he portrayed all of that in the film. He risked to write the screenplay of the film, on the basis of a novel by PF Kluge. He wrote the plot along with Arlene Davidson. And to write the plot they used the structure of Citizen Kane’s style. He later made a deal and gave the distribution rights to the company time life who was working in the business of Movie Making. The company was not successful enough and left the business. One of his secretary with whom he worked few years back took the script from him and gave it to her partners, who liked the script and made a deal with him giving  budget of $6 million.

Davidson wanted the movie to be pure and accurate, which Is why he hired Kenny Vance, who is the original member of the band Jay and the Americans. He told davidson about how they manage everything, how they transport their instruments, he also told him various stories of their band. Tom Berenger told that he used to practice playing piano for hours. Matthew laurance said that he actually learned playing bass guitar very well through rehearsals. Davidson worked really hard in making of this film he prepared all the actors as if they were getting ready for a real concert.

Know About Eddie And the Cruisers Critical Response and Sound Track:

Eddie And the Cruisers Critical Response and Sound Track

The film Eddie and the Cruisers did not got very much praise from the audience. Two out of four stars were given to the film by Roger Ebert. He said that the ending of the movie was very disappointing and dumb. The cast was impressive and the music was great but the ending disappointed everyone and resulted in the downfall of the movie.

In the film we can witness the music played by the band John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band from Providence, at Rhode Island.