Everything about the incredible series, Why women Kill 

Why women Kill

This is an American dark comedy and drama with a hint of romance, and this extraordinary series was created and directed by Sir Marc Cherry. This series sounds more dangerous than it is on screen. It premiered on August 15, 2019, and it will be a surprise that it was released on CBS All Access, and the first season includes a total of ten episodes. All the episodes were well received by the audience and liked by most of the people and the critics. The first season was released on CBS All Access, but the second season was released on Paramount+ on June 3, 2021. The series was even renewed for the Third season in December 2021. Unfortunately, all of it was thrown away before the production was about to begin in July 2022.

All the Why women Kill cast are listed below:

Why women Kill cast

This series is long, and as long the series is, more people are included in the making of this series, and so does the Cast. Why women Kill has the largest casting team ever. There were different starkest for an additional season released in the other years. I have mentioned every casting member from each season and each year. 

Season 1 (1963)

Main Actors for season 1

  • Ginnifer Goodwin as Beth Ann Stanton, Sam Jaeger as Rob Stanton, an aerospace engineer, and Sadie Calvano as April Warner, a waitress, was having an affair with Rob.

The Recurring ones

  • Alicia Coppola as Sheila Mosconi, Adam Ferrara as Leo Mosconi, Lindsey Kraft as Claire, Rob’s secretary.

All the Guests

  • Spencer Garrett as Hal Burke, Rob’s boss, Peri Gilpin as Vivian Burke, Hal’s wife, Lio Tipton as Mary Vlasin, Rob and Beth Ann’s neighbour and Ralph’s abused wife, Scott Porter as Ralph Vlasin, Rob and Beth Ann’s neighbour, Ava Scarola as Emily Stanton, Catherine Curry as Elsie Warner, 


Main Actors

  • Lucy Liu as Simone Grove, a twice-divorced socialite; Jack Davenport as Karl Grove, Simone’s third husband 

All the Recurring

  • Katie Finneran as Naomi Harte, a wealthy friend of Simone and Tommy’s widowed mother; Leo Howard as Tommy Harte, Naomi’s son who harbours romantic feelings for Simone; Li Jun Li as Amy Lin, Simone’s daughter from her first marriage

Guest, they had

  • Charlie DePew as Brad Jenkins, Amy’s fiancé, Ken Garito as the police officer who mistakes Simone for a prostitute, Christine Estabrook as Joyce Dubner, a hypochondriac neighbour of Simone, Philip Anthony-Rodriguez as Hector, Simone’s former hairdresser, and Karl’s lover, Dale Dickey as Ruby Jenkins, Brad’s mother, Robert Craighead as Dwight Jenkins, Brad’s father, Hayley Hasselhoff as Patty Jenkins, Brad’s lesbian sister


Main casting members

  • Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Taylor Harding, a bisexual, Alexandra Daddario as Jade/Irene, the bisexual lover of Taylor, Reid Scott as Eli Cohen, a screenwriter, Kevin Daniels as Lamar, Eli’s agent, Kevin McNamara as Duke, Jade’s ex-boyfriend, Saidha Arrika Ekulona as Taylor’s sister, Christina Anthony as Velma, Taylor’s sister, Odelia Halevi as Willow, an Instagram model is working with Mischa and a friend of Jade, Kevin William Paul as Mischa, Willow’s fellow Instagram model, who is friends with Jade.

Incredible Why women Kill 2 Cast:

Why women Kill 2 Cast

Main casting members

  • Allison Tolman as Alma Fillcot, a housewife in 1949 who is desperate to join the local exclusive garden club, Rachel Redleaf as young Alma
  • Lana Parrilla as Rita Castillo, the president of the local garden club and wife of Carlo, B.K. Cannon as Dee Fillcot, Alma’s daughter, Jordane Christie as Vern Loomis, a private investigator, Matthew Daddario as Scooter, a struggling actor, and Rita’s paramour, Veronica Falcón as Catherine Castillo, Rita’s stepdaughter, and Carlo’s, daughter, Nick Frost as Bertram Fillcot, Alma’s husband and a veterinarian. 

The actors Recurring

  • Rachel Bay Jones as Maisie, Daniel Zacapa as Carlo Castillo, Rita’s elderly husband and Catherine’s father, Eileen Galindo as Isabel, Rita’s maid who is secretly her accomplice and cousin, Virginia Williams as Grace, a member of the garden club, Rondi Reed as Mrs Carol Yost, the Fillcot’s grouchy, judgmental next-door neighbour who expresses disbelief for Alma getting into the Elysian Park Garden Club, Jessica Phillips as Joan, another member of the garden club, Kerry O’Malley as Mavis, another member of the garden club, Cynthia Quiles as Brenda, another member of the garden club, Jack Davenport as The Narrator, Warren Kole as Detective Robin

All the Guests they had

  • Ryan McPartlin as Tom Madison, Andrew Leeds as Dr Gibson