Enhypen’s Lee Heesung Lost His Energetic, Happy Vibe Following Engenes’ Criticism


Fans noticed Lee Hessung’s alterations after Enhypen’s recent dancing practice. Despite wearing his mask, Heesung seemed to be melancholy, far from being an enthusiastic and joyful member. Fans picked up on his vibe from his dancing, which lacked enthusiasm and interest.

Fans speculated that Heesung’s behavior was driven by recent issues with fake Engenes (Enhypen’s fans). With modern technology and also less neglected cosmetic surgery procedures, it has actually been common for people to have some changes made so that they are pleased with their appearance. In Kpop, however, there is a dual necessity.

Engines worry about Enhypen’s Heesung

Idols that get cosmetic surgery ahead to their debut are praised for their newly customized appearances. But, as witnessed with Enhypen’s Heeseung, when they do it after they’ve already hit the market, fans and even giants criticize them for making changes that are supposed to be perfect.

Engenes released screenshots of their follower phone chat with him, explaining that his nose appeared to be a little different. Non-fans and also giants were determined to make a big deal out of it, so they started insulting him on Twitter.

Enhypen also just published a behind-the-scenes film of the group’s appearance at the Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2021. Fans of the 4th generation of Kpop were especially enthusiastic for one performance at the 2021 MAMAs: a collaboration between Hyunjin of Stray Kids, Yeonjun of TXT, Yeji of ITZY, Heeseung of Enhypen, Wooyoung of ATEEZ, and Karina of aespa.

All six idols performed brief solo dance routines while clad entirely in white, demonstrating their great musicality, strength, and stage presence. Fans can view Heeseung’s comments on his part of the cooperation stage in ENHYPEN’s new video.
Heeseung informs the camera that he’s been rehearsing for the awards show performances for a long time. Although he did not have a lot of time to practice his solo stage, he made sure to do it first thing in the morning, Koreaboo reported.

While his members express their enthusiasm for Heeseung’s performance by gathering around the television to watch it, they are unhappily asked to be on standby for an award and are unable to witness him perform.

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