After being seen kissing, it appears that Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski had been dating for some time.

Emily Ratajkowski and Harry Styles
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Model  Emily Ratajkowski spoke out about the “kind of fantastic” man she had lately been dating.

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Emily Ratajkowski is seeing a new man. While she isn’t ready to share his identity, she did say he’s the whole first man she’s dated after her ex-husband that she thinks she might like.

The model talked about this “sort of fantastic” guy she’d recently started dating on an episode of the talk show Going Crazy With Eileen Kelly that was broadcast on March 9—two weeks earlier when she and Harry Styles were caught making out in Tokyo, Japan. That is different, she continued, “I recently started a relationship with somebody that I think I like.” “But, if we had spoken four weeks earlier, without a doubt. When I was watching someone, his gait would suddenly make me feel bad.

Ratajkowski continued by saying that because she already does have a “full life” of her own, the top quality she looks for in a boyfriend is that they’re “independent.” She reportedly made an allusion to the breakdown of her marriage to Sebastian Bear-McClard, with whom she had a 2-year-old son named Sylvester, when she said, “I’m hopeful that loving somebody who is more involved in their own life will prevent the troubles I had before.”

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This information was made public just before a fan recorded footage of Ratajkowski and Styles dancing and locking lips on the roads of Tokyo last month. This has led many people to believe that the pop sensation is the “kind of fantastic” man she was alluding to. Yet during the past few months, the Gone Girl actress has been associated with a variety of individuals, any one of whom could be the guys in question. These individuals include comedians Eric André and Pete Davidson, as well as artists Jack Greer and DJ Orazio Rispo. And despite having obtained a divorce from her spouse of 4 years in July 2022, Ratajkowski still “isn’t searching for anything serious,” a source who spoke with Us Weekly claims. They explained, “She’s simply attempting to lead her single best life and have fun.”

As for Styles, he broke from Olivia Wilde four months ago after nearly two years of dating, going thru a separation of his own. He said to Rolling Stone in August 2022 that leading a prominent life has made dating and maintaining any kind of relationship extremely challenging. He said, “I’ve never discussed my life outside of work publicly and find that it’s helped me favorably. There will always be a different version of the story, and I simply decided not to waste my time attempting to change it or steer it in a different direction. In response to questions about his sexual orientation, Styles continued, “Sometimes people say, ‘You’ve only been with women,’ and I don’t think I’ve been with anyone publicly. It doesn’t mean you’re selecting to make a public connection or anything if somebody takes a photo of you with someone. Everyone, including myself, I believe, has their own road toward coming to terms with their se*uality.

Emily Ratajkowski and Harry Styles have been dating for some months!

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After being seen kissing, it seems Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski had been dating for some time.

One of the most enormously successful and well-known celebrities right now is the pop star and actor Harry Styles. Also, the public is very interested in his love life because of his role as a se* symbol. One such example is his close friendship with Olivia Wilde, the director of Don’t Worry, Darling. Most lately, there have been reports linking him to actress and model Emily Ratajkowski. The two have even been seen cuddling. Surprise, the couple have been dating for several months.

You now have it. Although Ratajkowski didn’t specifically mention Harry Styles, the general public connected the dots anyhow. And it comes out that they have been allegedly dating for more than a month. We’ll simply have to wait and watch if either celebrity’s publicist issues a more definitive statement and if the two are re-photographed together.

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