Elizabeth Banks and Cocaine Bear share the stage at the Oscars

Elizabeth Banks
Elizabeth Banks at 95th Academy Awards with Cocain Bear. Image source: CBS News

Elizabeth Banks and Cocaine Bear share the stage at the Oscars 2023

Elizabeth Banks at 95th Academy Awards. Image Source: Reuters/Evening Standard

At the 95th Academy Awards event in Los Angeles on Sunday evening, Elizabeth Banks delivered the Oscar for special visual effects alongside one of Hollywood’s hottest actors.

Together with a co-presenter dressed as a bear, Banks, who helmed this year’s box office sensation “Cocaine Bear,” revealed the nominees. Banks’ newest thriller, which has made $65 million worldwide since it first debuted in theatres a few weeks ago, is based on the true account of a 175-pound black bear in Georgia who, 40 years ago, ingested a massive amount of cocaine that was allegedly dropped from a plane driven by a convicted drug smuggler. This incident is the inspiration for the film.

‘Cocaine Bear,’ which I recently directed,’ Banks said at the Academy awards. “And here is how the bear would seem without any special effects. It’s awful.”

“What do you do? Just stop, “Banks told the clown bear. “Are you now attempting to score? You must, like everyone else, wait till the after party.”

Elizabeth Banks continued by emphasizing the value of visual effects in making stories come to life on film.

Image Source: Business Insider

“The Coca-Cola is fake. Visual effects are used “Before transitioning into a unique presentation for every one of the nominees for this category for the year, she said: The movie “All Quiet on the Western Front” Maverick from “Top Gun” The movie “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” The finalist, “Avatar: The Way of Water,” beat out “The Batman.”

“Avatar” is a visual effects film. How about “All Quiet on the Western Front”? Visual effects, then. Real visual effects were used, yet it was a real war. Batman is not flying around. She referred to the “Maverick” as having both actual and visual effects with Tom Cruise flying about, “an actor well-known for pulling off his stunts.

“Wakanda? Wakanda is really genuine, said Banks, adding that visual effects are a fantastic tool for a director like me and can improve any tale. Without visual effects, “Cocaine Bear” would have just been an actor in a bear suit, most likely under the influence of cocaine.”

“Avatar: The Way of Water” won the award for outstanding visual effects, becoming the first winner of the evening. This film received nominations this year in four categories, including Best Picture.

Elizabeth Banks attributes her stage stumble to Cocaine Bear.

During the 95th Academy Awards, Elizabeth Banks tripped and accused Cocaine Bear of the mishap.

The 49-year-old Pitch Perfect actress was proffering an Oscar at the 95th Academy Awards on Sunday evening when the accident happened.

Banks, the filmmaker of the upcoming film Cocaine Bear, tripped as she entered the stage during a botched skit and fell to the ground.

She reportedly intended to act as though she was fleeing from a man dressed as a bear who was standing on stage in allusion to her comedy film.

Ke Huy Quan interrupts Jimmy Kimmel Live, saying, “I was out all night with Cocaine Bear.”

Image source: ABC

After winning the Oscars, Ke Huy Quan interrupts Jimmy Kimmel Live, saying, “I was out all night with Cocaine Bear.”

Ke Huy Quan, an Oscar winner, interrupted Jimmy Kimmel Live during the Hollywood festivities on Sunday.

The star of Everything Everywhere All At Once admitted to presenter Jimmy Kimmel on Monday night that he hadn’t gone to bed yet after winning the Best Supporting Actor award. Quan explained his appearance by saying, “I’m looking for my car. “Jimmy, I never go to sleep. The happiest day of mine must not come to an end!”

Quan continued by saying that he spent the entire evening out with Cocaine Bear, who appeared alongside filmmaker Elizabeth Banks in a cameo at the Oscar presentation for Best Visual Effects. Quan will then go to Jay-after-party. Z’s Kimmel said, “I guess that’s over now.f

Quan answered, “Not for me, Jimmy. Not for me.

Quan asked Kimmel and the crowd to participate in one final of his famous awards season selfies before leaving the stage.

Quan, a former child star who quit acting because there weren’t many roles for Asian actors, received his first Oscar for portraying Waymond Wang in EEAAO, capping off a successful comeback in Hollywood. Seven awards were given to the film made by Daniel Kwan & Daniel Scheinert, also known as the Daniels, on Sunday, such as Best Picture as well as Outstanding Actress for Michelle Yeoh, the first Asian to receive the honour.

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