Dying Light 2: How to Setup Water Stations and Electrical Stations for the Win

Complete Downtown Electrical Station and The Game
Complete Downtown Electrical Station and The Game

Dying Light 2 includes a plethora of optional and mandatory activities for gamers to participate in. players in Dying Light 2 can participate in a variety of activities, both necessary and optional. They might be as basic as Evacuation Convoys or as complicated as a whole Outpost that requires meticulous planning and execution. 

One of the more entertaining things to take part in focuses on the water towers and power stations, which need you to complete puzzles and undertake some traversal to solve them. One of the necessary ones is the Downtown Electrical Station, which is conveniently located, according to the published post on the nerd stash website

Assemble water and  electrical station

A big mission named Water Tower will be given to you during your Dying Light 2 campaign. You’ll visit a Water Tower in the Horseshoe area, in it. This section provides a guide to City Alignment and faction rewards. In most of these areas, you’ll find at least one Inhibitor. They might be out in the open or locked away in safes, based on the post on the PC Invasion webpage.

Electrical station guide

Step 1 Ensure that you are within the station and start the game. Given that this isn’t a tough assignment to do, there is too much problem accomplishing it as long as you tour the building.

Step 2  You will grab the cable and head out to the balcony, swinging overusing the available rope.

Step 3 Your initial thought could be to return to the stairs, but the cord isn’t long enough to reach the third power switch. Instead, go to the elevator and take it to the top, then return to the main level. 

Water station towers guide

Step 1: You’ll be doing a variety of jumping challenges here, from leaping on moving containers to grasp indentations on walls. The biggest distinction is that the Horseshoe Water Tower is part of the main mission, hence there are other goals to complete, the 1st step is to locate and disable the C4 explosives.

Step 2: Second is a showdown between two Renegades named Jack and Joe at the finish. You have the option of fighting or negotiating. Any other way, you’ll have a big option to make: you may either support these two Renegades or decline their offer.

There are two additional Water Towers in Dying Light 2. Muddy Grounds has the Wharf Water Tower, while Lower Dam Ayre has the Saint Paul Water Tower.

Players will experience this mechanism when completing the quest, A Place To Call Home on how to capture Electrical Stations in Dying Light 2. Look for metal ledges that go to the interior of the structure after fighting the Renegades to assist the Peacekeepers. 

You will be given an objective that requires you to connect the 3 connections. The green terminals have power wires that must be linked to the red terminals with the same number.

The 1st Cable is located on the lowest level. Next to it, right behind the equipment, is the red terminal.

The 2nd cable is located on the third floor. To go to the red terminal, you’ll need to unlock a locked gate.

The 3rd Cable is down the elevator shaft where the #3 red terminal sits. Jump down, grab it, then move back up to connect it to the terminal.

Note: Cables get a set length, so make sure you’re going the quickest route to a red termination. If you can’t reach it, you can hold the “F” key to detach the cable. Return to the green terminal and take it again for a second try.

After all, 3 terminals have been powered up, travel the elevator to the control room.

Before you hit the switch, make sure you get all the stuff, including the Inhibitor Container activating the switch causes all the loot to vanish. Activating the switch causes all loot to disappear.

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