‘Dragon Ball Super’ Fans Split On Whether The Anime Should Be Making A Comeback

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Fans Split On Whether The Anime Should Be Making A Comeback
Image source: (BlackScape/YouTube)

The massive anime hit series that is “Dragon Ball Super” ended both its Japanese and English-dubbed runs back in the spring of 2018 and fall of 2019 respectively. Now that rumors about the ever-popular anime franchise making a comeback are making the rounds, fans are quite unclear as to whether the series should be returning.  

‘Dragon Ball Super’ rumors surfaced anew  

Folks over at Toei Animation hinted at the possibility of such stating that there could be a chance that something other than the movie will be arriving this 2022. For the uninitiated, the anime franchise is slated to release a new movie dubbed “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero,” ComicBook writes.  

To that end, does “Dragon Ball Super” need its anime iteration back? A majority of its manga fans were elated as to how it’s been keeping it fresh with the latest power-ups and ideas. Nonetheless, some believe that “Dragon Ball Super” took away its most notable form of content during its peak.  

It’s also worth noting that fans of the anime series have been duped a lot of times in keeping their fingers crossed anew without single solid evidence of “Dragon Ball Super’s” anime is making a comeback. Also, anime fans may well seem to be hung up on whether the anime even has the resources for another anime installment right now, what with the equally popular “One Piece” doing its thing.   

‘Super Hero’ tidbits  

Going back to “Dragon Ball Super’s” upcoming movie – “Super Hero,” the fans have polarizing opinions over its formatting and design. Moreover, a lot of them don’t want the story from the said movie to be carried over to the rumored anime series.  

Meanwhile, 2018’s “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” has this design that is deemed a fan-favorite provided that a new anime series comes to fruition.  

It was also learned that in “Super Hero,” the production made some last-minute tweaks to Son Gohan.   

Executive Producer Akio Iyoku spoke about his work on “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” alongside the revelation that “Dragon Ball” creator Akira Toriyama, has greenlit such changes about the Son Goku’s eldest.   

“Dragon Ball” fan and leaker Herms98 tweeted that Iyoku told Nikkei Entertainment that Son Gohan is slated to square off against the android known as Gamma 1.   

One might recall that in the trailer, Gohan can be seen battling the android in the rain. It was revealed that the two will initially be fighting on better weather in the movie. However, Director Tetsuro Kodama requested Toriyama if the “Dragon Ball Super” scuffle could have an overcast backdrop.