Donald Trump’s Firm ‘Fraud’ According to New York Attorney General

Donald Trump speaks at the inauguration. in 2017. (White House file on wiki media)

According to findings, the Trump Organization inflated a number of assets in order to acquire loans.

The top judicial officer in New York said that the investigation into Donald Trump’s family company has found substantial evidence of deceptive or fraudulent activities, putting more pressure on the former president as he attempts to get the inquiry shut down.

The Trump Organization falsely inflated several assets to acquire loans and subsequently discounted them to cut taxes, according to state Attorney General Letitia James in a court filing late Tuesday.

She requested a court to order Trump and his two older children, Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump, to answer questions in the decade’s investigation that has jeopardized his chances of winning a second term in 2024.

Since she began her inquiry in March 2019, Ms. James, a Democrat, has made the most extensive claims against Trump’s firm.

For commercial gain, she claimed, the Trump Organization has misconstrued the worth of property to financial firms such as the Internal Revenue Service, banks, and insurance.

As an example of suspected deception, the appraisals claimed that Trump’s penthouse in Manhattan’s Trump Tower was three times larger than it was and that its worth was overstated by $200 million, according to the news published by NDTV paper.  

The Trumps must cooperate with the authorized subpoenas for records and testimony, according to Miss Letitia James’ letter, since no one in this nation can pick and choose whether or not the law applies to them.

Trump’s Corporation Reportedly Misrepresented Worth of Assets

On documentation given to the IRS to substantiate several million dollars in tax deductions, the Trump Organization, it stated, had misrepresented the value of land contributions made in New York and California.

They say James is improperly attempting to obtain testimony that could be used in the parallel criminal investigation, which is overseen by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, and Trump’s legal advisers have pursued to obstruct the summons, calling them an unrivaled and inadmissible maneuver.

Last month, Trump filed a federal lawsuit against James, claiming that her probe had been halted. In the lawsuit, his attorneys said that in a “thinly-veiled endeavor to publicly denigrate Trump and his allies,” the attorney general, a Democrat, had violated the Republican’s constitutional rights.

According to Letitia James, the Trump Organization has been using delaying tactics and lawsuits to impede a legitimate inquiry into its financial practices for more than two years. 

They’ve discovered a lot of information that implies Donald J. Trump and the Trump Organization overvalued and misrepresented several assets to financial institutions in order to make money, as reported by the ABC 7 news. 

James also added that it hasn’t been determined whether to seek legal action, but that the material gathered so far demonstrates that the inquiry should continue unhindered.

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