Donald Trump Boasts Ties with Vladimir Putin Saying Russian Leader Assures He Won’t Invade Ukraine During Ex-POTUS’ Presidency

Image by- - Presidential Press and Information Office/ Wiki Commons

According to Donald Trump, the invasion of Ukraine would not have occurred if he had been president, citing a discussion he had with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On Thursday night, the former president talked with Sean Hannity of Fox News on the current crisis between Russia and Ukraine. Trump also discussed President Joe Biden’s pullout from Afghanistan, claiming that international leaders had lost respect for the US as a consequence.

“It’s not even believable how inept it was, the way they withdrew or surrendered or whatever you want to call it when this horrific scenario happened in Afghanistan,” Trump added, according to Newsweek via MSN.

Donald Trump says Russia-Ukraine war must end

Hannity then questioned Trump’s confidence in claiming that nothing would have occurred if he had been president. Donald Trump then concluded by expressing his disgust at the war being waged on the Ukrainian people and insisting that it must end.
Many Trump supporters and conservatives have shared Trump’s confidence in Russia’s invasion timeline.

This includes Lara Trump, Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law, who said this week that the president emanated strength. Despite the criticism, President Joe Biden has received some praise for his handling of the Ukraine crisis. Those who would normally criticize his leadership, notably Republican senators, have lent him their backing.

Continuing the talk with Hannity, Trump mentioned that in 2018, his administration agreed to send Ukraine with $47 million worth of deadly weaponry, including 210 Javelin anti-tank missiles and 37 launchers.

The former President was apprehensive about the sale because he saw Ukraine as a corrupt country that needed to pay the US back, with the terms specifying that anti-tankers be maintained in western Ukraine, away from war zones.

Putin is in a lot of difficulties right now, according to the 75-year-old former President, and he believes the Russian President wishes he hadn’t begun this problem, as per Daily Mail.

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