Do you want to know the sneaky link meaning

sneaky link meaning 

Sneaky link is slang that young teenagers have frequently used. You must remember using slang in your days as well if you are an adult. Slangs were a part of life when you were your teenage. Everyone uses slang language with their friends in school and high school. Slangs are a part of language which contains some words and phrases that are always very informal and are so very commonly used in speech than in writing. Now you must think about why we do not use slang in writing. The reason behind this is that slangs are not about words. It is about the way we say it. If we put it in writing, it will go straight, and this will butcher the whole meaning of slang. “Sneaky link” is one of the newer slang launched in the market. 

What exactly is sneaky link meaning?

sneaky link meaning 

If you are a parent and want to know the meaning of the songs that your ward is using, then you can search them on google. There are many benefits of learning the slang language because if you know the meaning of the slang, you can lily understand what your ward is talking to his friends and be their friend and talk to them in slang. Many things are different for you and your precincts, like the meaning of the same emojis and much more. So now, without further a, I should tell you the importance of the Sneaky link. The exact purpose of the sneaky link is that this term is used to describe a person that someone is secretly hooking up with. 

What does sneaky link mean on TikTok?

What does sneaky link mean on TikTok

I have already told you the meaning of the slang, which is the only meaning of Sneak link everywhere, even on Tiktok. This is slang that we use for describing any secret link with another person. Here linked means meeting up with. This slang is pretty much self-explanatory, so there is so need for me to explain it further. So, if you have seen your children or your friends, or anyone around you using this slang and is referring to someone, then you should get an idea now of what they are exactly talking about. If you are a parent, then you should know who is your son and daughter’s sneaky links. Spice is up a little and asks them yourself by using this slang. They will be shocked for sure.

How does sneaky link slang was created?

sneaky link slang

There is always a story behind every slang, and you must know the story and the roots of this slang. It all started when a song called ‘Sneaky Link’ by the famous  HXLLYWOOD. This term went viral on TikTok, and people started making those short videos and reels, but this song got viral, and now people have made slang of this particular phrase. The song was released in the year 2020, and it was released as a part of an album called Lil Mama Music.

The lines of the song go like Sneaky link (Uh)

Sneaky link (Yo, yeah, what?)

Sneaky link (Yo)

Girl, I can be your sneaky link (Sneaky link)

You my sneaky link (Sneaky link)

Yeah, ayy (Uh), ayy (Uh, uh)


Girl, I can be your sneaky link (We sneaky)

Be your sneaky link

Girl, I can be your sneaky link (We sneaky)

Be your sneaky link (Sneaky, ayy)

Girl, I can be your sneaky link (Sneaky link)

Be your sneaky link (Sneaky link)

Girl, I can be your sneaky link (Sneaky link, ayy)

Yeah, I’m your sneaky link