Do You want to know that did piper and lev break up in real?

did piper and lev break up

Okay so let me give you little bread about what this article is going to be like. It will be a little bit shocking at many points but bear with me because this is a shocking reality for me too. Now there is a girl who is an American singer and dancer as well. Her name is Piper Rockelle smith and she is so young for the kind of popularity and fame she has. She is also known for her pranks and short videos that she posts on different social media platforms. She has a YouTube channel and there she collars with many different YouTubers whom she calls The Squad, it also includes her loving boyfriend. She was born on august 21, 2007 which means she is just 15 years old and this proves my statement where I said that she is too young for what she has. Now, this is just my opinion, yours can be a bit different too so there is no need to hate me.

Who is Lev Cameron?

Lev Cameron

Lev Cameron is Piper Rockelle Smith’s current boyfriend and he is also a dancer who became pr dancer on the Dancing with the stars show of juniors in the year 2018. He is a great dancer and is known for his relationship with piper. Their relationship is not at all concealed from the world in fact they have made their relationship so public that they talk about it in their YouTube videos always. There are so many rumors that say that they both have broken up and you are here to know the same. I will be disclosing the real stage of their relationship soon till then you will have to wait for it. Until then we should talk about lev Cameron. He has been in many relationships and this might be a bit shocking to you He is two years younger than his girlfriend piper who is 16 and he is 14. He also has a YouTube channel with almost 2.4 million subscribers. He is dancing since the age of 5 and this is the handwork that has helped him to get the fame and popularity that he has now.

Is this true? did piper and lev break up?

did piper and lev break up

Lev was born in France and later on, he came to America. He was never born an American. He came with his parents on October 11, 2015, and he posted a selfie with his mom whose name is Irina. In the year 2020 on the occasion of valentine’s day, he asked Piper Rockellle to be his girlfriend and his Valentine and she said yes as an answer. From that day they started dating and as of the year 2022 they both are still together. They both are seen together in public and they post their pictures of them being together and I really have no idea from where these rumors are being circulated that they both have broken up. Guys, they are still together and there is nothing like a break-up in their relationship. I know that I have answered your question you might leave reading but read it because I have written it down all for you.

Can you guess How did Piper and Lev meet?

How did Piper and Lev meet

They both met each other because of the similarities they both have in each other as we start by pointing out then they both are professional dancers and they met as dancers and became friends at the initial stage. I have already told you about the YouTubers group called The squad and he was a member of it when piper was one too. So things were smooth for a long time and then one day, on February 14, 2020, Lev asked piper out on a date and things started to catch up since then. So this was the story of how they met and you will get your valentine soon I promise just do not be sad.