Do you think Kayla Morton is married? Information on her relationships.

Kayla Morton

Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings Star Kayla Morton’s Sons Are following in her Footsteps.

Kayla Morton gained popularity for being the first lady of professional drag racing after making her debut on Discovery’s Street Outlaws.

Her father, the Pro Stock driver Stanley Morton, whom Kayla calls “the most important guy” in her life, joined Kayla on No Prep Kings.

What about the other men she is dating, though? Is she married with a spouse and children?

Although Kayla Morton is not married, she has been in a committed relationship with Chris “Boosted GT” Hamilton, a fellow Street Outlaw.

Kayla said that she and Chris were friends long before they began dating. In an interview. The two didn’t start dating until Kayla joined the Street Outlaws cast. She told the magazine, “At first when Chris and I raced on the street, we didn’t love each other. “Up until that time. After that, we began dating.

Kayla and Boosted’s ‘Street Outlaws’ Journey

Kayla Morton and Chris Hamilton, aka BoostedGT, were friends long before they appeared on the show. Even after being little more than buddies, they appreciated one another as fellow racers and retained a cordial relationship. However, as their friendship flourished, they became aware of their mutual admiration. The couple’s friendship quickly became love after they met and became very happy.

It’s really difficult to find a husband that loves the sport and is as “deeply involved” in it as you are, Kayla continued.

She said, “When you discover someone who understands the way of life and the sacrifices it takes, you cling on.” “Our entire life has been devoted to Cars and racing.”

Drag racing is much more than Kayla and Chris’s hobby; now, it’s a family affair.

Furthermore, because Chris had a second job, the couple found it hard to spend time together. They acknowledged, however, that persistence and dedication got them thru the difficult times. Kayla and Chris formed a wonderful companionship over time and constantly updated their social media followers. Although it is unknown if they have married, the two seem to be great parents of Austin and Cooper. According to reports, Chris’ family lives in his home state of Texas.

Details of Kayla Morton’s Children, Austin and Cooper.

Kayla’s Instagram feed is full of images of racing cars and Austin and Cooper. Kayla’s oldest child, Austin, who is believed to be from a prior relationship, turned 17 in August.

Happy 17th birthday to my oldest baby! She wrote a heartfelt message on Instagram on her son’s birthday. Despite almost reaching adulthood, he will always be my baby boy and best friend, despite reaching adulthood. He is en route to do great things and is locating his place in the vast globe.

Kayla welcomed her second son, Cooper, in 2015 with Chris. On Facebook, she shared a cute picture of Cooper wearing a onesie that read “Boosted Baby,” with the caption, “Here is the newest member of the STK Racing team. Cooper Reid.”

Austin and Cooper, like their mother, spent a significant portion of their childhood at the racetrack, so much so that Austin has been getting into the family business himself. Cooper, seven years old, is close behind.

“Everyone at the track knows where he belongs; that’s why somebody always brings him back!” she previously said of Cooper. He adores Jerry “Monza” Johnston the most; the two have become great friends.”

Is Kayla Morton still dating Boosted?

Kayla and Boosted’s relationship does not appear to be long-lasting. According to a source close to the couple, they have called it quits on their relationship. Kayla has been the one to compete in races in the latest Street Outlaws episodes, while Boosted has also stayed away from the spotlight. Astute Street Outlaw fans may conclude that they attempt to avoid each other.

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