Do You Know Who Is Tomie?


Tomie is a Japanese film series, it comes under the genre of Horror. The movie is an adaptation of the manga series Tomie which is written by Junji Ito. The series includes seven seasons. The movie is based in the Japanese language. The plot of the the film is written by Ataru Oikawa, Satoru Tamaki, Yoshinobu Fujioka, Tomohiro Kubo, Jun Tsugita and Noboru Iguchi. The producers of the film series includes Yasuhiko Azuma, Naotada Ito, Yasuhiko higashi, Tori ishii, Mikihiko Hirata and Gen Sato. The series stars actors Miho Kanno, Runa Nagai, Mai Hosho, Mai Hosho, Miki Hosho, Miki Sakai, Nozomi Ando, Rio Matsumoto, Anri ban, Yu Abiru, Emiko Matuoka and Miu Nakamura and others.

Everything You Need To Know About Tomie Plot:

Tomie Plot

The storyline of the film series Tomie revolves around a girl named Tomie. Tomie is a girl who is young and beautiful. The mole which she has under her left eye, enhances her beauty even more. She makes her admirers mad with her beauty. Her magics often results in her own death. She has a ability to regenerate her body, due to which she is able to take revenge of her death and terrorize the killers. Her cells are able to divide and regenerate several copies of her body, she is able to regenerate her body over and over again.

All You Need To Know About Tomie Season 1:

Tomie Season 1

The first season of the  film series Tomie is titled as Tomie, it was premiered in the year 1998. In the initial scene of the movie we can see a policeman who is investigating regarding the murder of a high school girl who is named Tomie Kawakami, the character is played by Miho Kanno. He notices that several months after the death of Tommie other nine students and one teacher have disappeared. They find out that earlier also one Tommie Got murdered, they identify that one single girl is being murdered again and again, which becomes the reason for their suspicion over the girl Tommie.

Everything You Need To Know About Tomie Seasons Release Date:

Tomie Seasons Release Date

The film series Tommie Comprises of a total of 9 episodes. The first season of the film series which is titled as Tommie was released on 6 March in the year 1999. On 26th December in the year 1999 the second season of the film series titled as Tomie:Another Face was released. The third season was released on February 11 in the year 2000.  Fourth season was released on 24th March in the year 2001 it is titled as Re-Birth. Fifth season which is titled as Tomie: Forbidden Fruit, it was released on 29th June. Sixth season of the series was released on April 9 in the year 2005 it is titled as Tomie : Beginning. Seventh season which is titled as Tomie: Revenge in the year released on 2005 on 16 April. The eighth season was released on 17th November in the year 2007. The ninth season of the series was released on 14 May in the year 2011, it is titled as Tomie Unlimited.

Get To Know About Tomie Comparison:

Tomie Comparison

The film Tommie is an adaptation of the manga comic Tommie. The film is the exact representation of the manga comic. The scenes are shot in dark and night, due to the demand of the scenes. The manga comic show the character of Tommie different from that of the film. In the film we can see Tommie being seductive towards both boys and girls, but in the comic tommie is shown as being Murderous towards women.

All You Need To Know About Tommie Ending :

Tommie Ending

The Final Season of the film series Tommie is entitled as Tomie Unlimited was released on 14 May in the year 2011, in the episode we can see Tsukiko Izumikawa who is a photography club member at high school. While returning to her home she runs to her sister and Tomie. The ending shows Tsukiko walking out of a house in the resemblance of Tomie. When she walks on the streets she sees the other women who are also a copy of Tomie. When she looks at the mirror in her apartment the reflection of Tomie asks her are you Happy now?