Disney princesses not only changed their clothes but also changed their hairstyles, Queen Aisha almost couldn’t recognize it, so pretty

When friends only see an anime character, what characteristics do they mainly remember about him or her?

Because the styles of the characters in the same anime may be relatively similar, I personally usually recognize a character based on the clothes he often wears and his hairstyle. I remember that when I first watched the anime “Gintama”, the author used people’s looks in the play to make complaints, saying that the same manga artist’s character just needs to change his hairstyle, change his eye color, and change the clothes he wears. I can become different characters, and I also said that the other characters in the work are drawn with a certain character as a reference.

Well, although there are some truths in this statement, sometimes some characters actually have many other qualities besides hairstyles and clothes, which can represent the entire character. For example, today I want to share with you this group of artists who created Disney princesses and fellow people, they not only changed their clothes but also changed their hairstyles. Although they almost couldn’t recognize them, they finally recognized who they were by their temperament. It was really beautiful.

Queen Aisha

For example, this picture of Queen Aisha created by a master painter, this temperament, I feel that it is really a super queen. Compared with the original hairstyle, this hairstyle has made some changes. It looks particularly good-looking and very domineering. The clothes are more modern and popular, with the queen’s red lips, it feels really beautiful, too tempting.

Le Pei

Le Pei is hailed as Disney’s Rapunzel. Its most noticeable feature is her long flowing hair. In the original story, her hair is basically scattered, but the artist gave it to She designed a new hairstyle, but she actually tied it up. I wonder if she did it like a ponytail? With this little black dress, I really love it.

Princess Belle

Princess Belle’s hair is also tied up. The difference between her hairstyle and the original story is not that big, but the black-rimmed glasses on her face feel that her temperament has changed after wearing it. It’s so beautiful. This one looks a bit like a small suite, but at first glance, it looks like a well-mannered and educated girl.

Hua Mulan

Mulan’s hairstyle doesn’t feel much different from the original. It’s also a long straight black with down-shouldered heads. The forehead is wrong. This color seems to be a little bit purple, but it’s just as good-looking. And the texture of this hair looks much better than the texture of the long hair in the animation. This is really smooth visible to the naked eye. I really want to reach out and touch it.

Princess Arlo

Princess Arlo’s hairstyle is not much different from the original. The little exaggerated bangs in the front have become a normal one. She wears a hat and can’t see the top part of her head, but this dress is also very beautiful, which is actually bare shoulders. the design of.

Snow White

Snow White has short hair. Although the hair of Snow White in the original story does not feel long, it is two styles compared to this hairstyle. This hairstyle looks more refreshing and capable, and the hair color seems to have some adjustments and changes. The color of the clothes on the body is not much different from the original version. I don’t know which one do my friends love more?