Discussing the Grumpy old men filming locations

Grumpy old men filming locations

It is a movie that teenagers and adults most liked because of its romantic genre. This movie is a lovely combination of romance and comedy, automatically increasing its re-watch ability. Grumpy Old Men was released long ago, in 1993, in the United States of America. The film was directed by one of the finest directors, Donald Petrie. I have no idea whether it was a big-budget movie or not, but I sure have more statistics to show how much it earned. The film was aired somewhere in December with a weekend gross of $3,874,911. However, its numbers gradually increased at high speed and grossed $70 million in the United States and Canada. Now, what if I disclose their budget and then you can compare easily? Well, its overall budget was $35 million. The film was released in the United Kingdom on 27th May 1994. It grossed $10.4 million internationally for a total of $80.5 million worldwide. Now, do uhh believe it’s a super hit movie that we are talking about here?

About the grumpy old men 2

grumpy old men 2

There is nothing like grumpy old men 2. The official name of the second part is much more happening than this, which is Grumpier Old Men. If you ask my personal opinion, I do like it a lot. Grumpier Old Men is directed by Howard Deutch and written by Mark Steven Johnson. In this second part of the movie, something terrible happens at the family wedding, and it happens to be a fight between two fishing buddies that is John and max which are next-door neighbours; by the way, meanwhile, all the things start to crunch up a little some new Italian restaurant opens, and things started to mix up between all of them. Do you think about whether or not any romantic something happens in this movie? Then my answer would be yes. Oh! Yes! The woman who opens the Italian restaurant is cooking something buttery with Max.

Do you know how many grumpy old men movies there are?

how many grumpy old men movies there are

There are two of them. The first one’s name is Grumpy Old Men, which is directed by Donald Petrie and written by Mark Steven Johnson. There is a two-year gap in releasing date of both of the movies as the Grammy Old Men was released on 25th December 1993 on Christmas Eve, whereas Grumpier Old Men was released on 22nd December 1995. These two stories have the same base, but they do have very similar storylines as well. In the second part of the movie, Grumpier Old men, I have already given a brief in the above section. Still, if I give a recap of what the story says in the first part, Grumpy Old men, you can quickly identify the resemblance to the storyline that I am pointing out. In the first part, John and Max both are always pranking each other and acting silly because they always have a feeling of competition in them which provokes them to pull this kind of stuff, then enters an attractive widow who movies nearby in their neighbourhood and they both starts picking fights with each other that who will get the widow. 

Extraordinary Grumpy Old men Cast

Grumpy Old men Cast

The cast of movies is always massive nowadays, but so far that I have seen, the cast of old films was not that big, and they believed in gracious work. Here is the model from The Grumpy Old Men, and you can see a few names that I have listed below. So, we will be starting with the main characters of the movie, Jack Lemmon as John Gustafson Jr., Walter Matthau as Max Goldman, Ann-Margret as Ariel Truax, Burgess Meredith as John Gustafson Sr., Daryl Hannah as Melanie Gustafson, Kevin Pollak as Jacob Goldman, Ossie Davis as Chuck (Bait Shop Owner), Buck Henry as Elliott Snyder (IRS Agent), Christopher McDonald as Mike, Steve Cochran as Weatherman, Joe Howard as Phil (Pharmacist). 

How were many Grumpy old men locations there?

Grumpy old men locations

There were many locations where this movie and its second part were filmed. There were approximately twenty-one locations where the movie was shot. I was unable to track down every location, but I have listed ten of them below.

  • Lake Rebecca, Rockford, Minnesota, USA (fishing hole)
  • Red Wing, Minnesota, USA (scenic overlook)
  • Center City, Minnesota, USA (church)
  • Half Time Rec, 1013 Front Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA (Slippery’s Tavern)
  • Faribault, Minnesota, USA
  • Stillwater, Minnesota, USA.
  •  Northeast corner of the intersection of highways US-61 and MN-60 on the grounds of the AmericInn Lodge & Suites in Wabasha, MN,
  • Depot Bar and Grille, 311 Heritage Place, Faribault, MN
  • near the intersection of 1st Avenue and 3rd Street, 1137 Hyacinth Avenue East, Saint Paul, MN
  • Hyacinth Avenue East and North Frank Street, Saint Paul, MN.