Disappointing ranking of “live-action” of the original manga! The first place is flooded with criticism from fans all over the world

Works based on popular manga are now indispensable to the drama and movie world.

Is the live-action version of the original manga just “disappointing”?

Is at the start the current fiscal year drama from July Toda Erika, Nagano MeYu is W starring “boxing” (NTV, Wednesday night at 10) and, Fumi Nikaido “Promise of starring Cinderella ” (TBS system and the Tuesday night at 10 ) Is the original manga. The original manga is very popular not only in dramas but also in the movie world. “Tokyo Revengers” serialized in Shonen Magazine is Takumi KitamuraIt is expected that a hit will be made even before the release, with a lineup of handsome casts, including. However, it is difficult for manga readers to finish because they have a solid attachment to the original. What is the disappointing live-action work that many viewers groaned as “This is not it”? “What does Goku mean by a male high school student who is bullied?” (Male, 20s), “There is also a degree in the original rape (Female, 40s) “Dragonball Evolution” (’09) was overwhelmingly number one.

The work, which told the original author Akira Toriyama that it was not a dragon ball, was flooded with criticism from fans worldwide. Writer Ben Ramsey apologizes. The production cost was about 45 million dollars, and it seems that the expected value is high, such as being screened in more than 60 countries, but it was too bad (?) First appearance 8th place, worldwide box office revenue is about 57.5 million dollars To a disappointing result. The disgraceful second place was “This is Katsushika Ward Kameari Koenmae Police Station” (’09, TBS system). The lead is Shingo Katori, who was SMAP at the time. Shingo-chan was also familiar with it, but “Shingo-chan is too good-looking because it was the image of LaSalle Ishii (who was the voice actor of the anime version),” (female in her 50s), “Katori. I was sad to see both of them’ seagull eyebrows drawn on her face “(male in her 30s),” image of Shingo Katori doing in a hurry “(female in her 30s). It seems that Shingo-chan is not the only miscast (?), “Karina’s Reiko is something different. I can’t feel Reiko’s motherhood and kindness” (male in her 50s), “Nakagawa is also Mokomichi. Not rich “(male, 40s)

That said, the film was made into a movie with the Shingo-chan effect. Although the box office revenue was not a big hit at 800 million yen, the comedy performance that the performers had shaken off was highly evaluated. The third place is “Kaibutsu-kun” (’10, Nippon Television). Arashi’s Satoshi Ohno played Prince of Monster Land, Kaibutsu-kun, and Choi Hong-man was the co-star, and Ryuhei Ueshima was the wolfman. “Kaibutsu-kun is a child? Ohno-kun was already in his thirties at that time. Uncle was a monster-kun” (female in his forties), “I was watching it as a drama for children, but it’s not Ohno-kun anyway. That’s right “(female in her 30s). “Kaibutsu-kun is an innocent boss, but Ohno-Kun’s monster is a different character like Yankee’s big brother.” (Male, 50s), The same work that was made into a movie after the drama series ended. Is it fun and exciting if you look at it as something different from the original?

Why? Casting different from the image
Fourth place is again “Jigoku Sensei Nube,” starring Johnny’s Ryuhei Maruyama (Kanjani Eight) (’14, Nippon Television). The original is a popular work serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump,” but “I took advantage of the (popular) Yo-Kai Watch too much” (female in her 30s), “Why did you bother to change the stage setting of elementary school to high school? The cast was terrible, including the starring (Maruyama) stick reading performance and Katakoto’s Korean (Tomohide).” (Male, 40s). The official bulletin board specially set up on the program homepage was on fire because of its quality. In a sense, it is a legendary work. 5th place is the movie “Attack on Titan” (’15). The work, which has been serialized in the separate volume “Magazine” since 2009, was completed in April this year. Fans still love it all over the world. The film depicts the battle between humans and giants (synopsis at the time of the movie). Still, it seems that the story was often modified rather than cast. “Mikasa, a strong, quiet and beautiful black-haired heroine, is too terrible with Kiko Mizuhara. It’s a half-faced woman” (female in her 30s), “Mikasa is particularly terrible. (Male), “There can be no advance without the most popular character, Captain Levi. Hiromi Hasegawa was doing a mysterious character called Captain Sixima, who resembles Captain Levi. Still, something is different” (female in her 40s), “The source of Ellen’s angry urge was that a giant killed her mother. Without that scene, I don’t understand why Ellen intensely hates the giant. “(Male, 30s)

On the other hand, there are also highly rated voices. “I’m so disappointed that Haruma Miura’s Ellen and Satomi Ishihara’s Hange are addicted to it.” (Female, 30s) This work is based in Germany. I think it’s difficult when it’s set in Japan in the first place … Looking at the top five, many works appointed Johnny’s talent. TV watcher Kannazuki Rara said, “To get the audience rating surely, I think that it is the production side’s true intention to borrow both the popularity of the original and the popularity of the cast actor.” analyze.

“Because the viewers are also discerning, if you can see and hide the swap and the office, you will be disliked. The 6th place” Vibria “protests to the sponsor as soon as Mr. Tsuyoshi’s casting is announced. There were also fans of the original work.” (Drama production staff) It can be said that the casting initiative caused the failure. Mr. Kannazuki mentioned above said that it was the 7th place “Yukan Club” that prominently.

“The main character is Kenbishi Yuri, but the production side probably wanted to have Jin Akanishi, who played the role of Shochikubai Miroku, as the main character. If anything, the members Among them, I forcibly made the sub-character’s fascination into the main character, making it a completely different thing.”

“Escape is shameful but useful, which will give birth to a big couple. Yui Aragaki’s casting preceded that work.” (Drama official) Drama watcher Kunoichiko explained the reason for the success of “escape shame.”, “A sincere script that conveys the goodness of the original and playful production. I’m addicted to casting. I’m convinced that the two protagonists got married.” The live-action version of the popular manga “Mystery and Say Mystery” starring Masaki Suda has already been announced from January next year. I want to look forward to the live-action gods that will be born in the future!