Detective Conan’s 2nd Episode of Police Academy Arc Airs On March 12

Detective Conan: Police Academy Arc
Detective Conan

Detective Conan: Police Academy Arc Wild Police Storytelevision anime’s official website announced on Thursday that the second episode, “Case. Wataru Date,” will run on Yomiuri TV and NTV on March 12.

Detective Conan: Police Academy’s full casts

The first episode of the anime, “Case. Matsuda Jinpei,” aired on Yomiuri TV and NTV on December 4. Toru Furuya portrays Rei Furuya, Nobutoshi Canna portrays Jinpei Matsuda, Hiroki Touchi portrays Wataru Date, Shinichiro Miki portrays Kenji Hagiwara, and Hikaru Midorikawa portrays Hiromitsu Morofushi are also featured in the cast, according to Anime News Network.

Furuya, Canna, Miki, and Midorikawa are all returning to the Detective Conan anime to reprise their roles from prior stories in the series.

As per the report, the first arc of the spinoff manga, titled the Matsuda arc, was released in October of this year. There were three chapters in the story arc. The second arc, which follows the story of Wataru Date, premiered in February 2020. The spinoff was scheduled to end in November 2020.

Long-running mystery series

‘CASE. Wataru Date’ is a short film about Wataru Tagaki’s late mentor in his early days, specifically his friendship with Furuya, and how he influenced Wataru Tagaki. The date is played by Hiroki Touchi in these episodes, who takes over for the late Keiji Fujiwara in the role, as stated by Crunchyroll.

The first episode of Wild Police Story, which is part of the main Case Closed series, aired on December 4 and can be viewed on Crunchyroll.

Anime versions of both Zero’s Tea Time and The Culprit Hanzawa, two spinoffs of the long-running mystery series Case Closed (also known as Detective Conan), have been released in recent years. Wild Police Story, an arc that takes place seven years in the past and centers on Rei Furuya and other well-known characters while they are in training at the Metropolitan Police Academy, is also worth checking out.

However, they are presented as part of the main series, and the second episode will be released next month.

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