After receiving death threats, Selena Gomez stands up for Hailey Bieber: I don’t stand for this

Selena Gomez
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Despite their alleged conflict, Selena Gomez is standing up for Hailey Bieber.

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Selena Gomez appreciates her fans’ unwavering support, but she pleads with them to refrain from criticizing her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber’s spouse, Hailey Bieber.

On March 24, the actor & singer said in a touching Instagram story post that Hailey Bieber had recently contacted her to deliver some terrifying news.

She stated that Hailey Bieber contacted me and informed me that she had been the target of death threats and other unpleasant remarks.

The model has been “getting death threats,” the Only Murders in the Building actress claimed on social media on Friday. She pleaded with her followers to stop sending her “hateful negativity.”

Gomez posted on Instagram, “Hailey Bieber contacted me to me and let me know that she’s been getting death threats and such nasty stuff.”

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She went on, “I don’t believe in this. Nobody ought to be subjected to bullying or hatred. I’ve always been a proponent of kindness and I genuinely want this to end.”

Drama has existed between Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend and his wife for a long time. It began with reports that Gomez and Hailey had a romance that overlapped. (Selena and Justin began dating in 2010, broke up in 2012, got back together in 2013, broke up again in 2014, then reconciled in late 2017 before divorcing permanently in early 2018. Justin and Hailey were romantically involved from 2014 until 2016; they got back together in 2018.) Hailey vehemently denied any overlap in a September appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast. The women presented a united front the next month by taking a group photo at an event.

With Justin’s drop crotch pants, the scandal started simmering earlier this year again, just when we believed it was all behind us. This time, the cause is mostly TikTok. Many speculated that Hailey’s video with her pals lip-syncing, “And I’m not claiming she deserved it, but God’s timing is always perfect,” was retaliation after Selena Gomez had received body shaming comments over holiday images in January. Hailey denied having bad intentions.

Gomez posted the next month about over-laminating her eyebrows unintentionally. The following day, Kylie Jenner shared a video of herself and Hailey flaunting their brows over FaceTime with the caption, “this was an accident???” The phrase was also taken as a jab at Gomez, but Jenner clarified that she meant “never any shade towards Selena.” Gomez responded that she was a fan as well. Around that time, a previous video of Hailey and Justin mocking Taylor Swift surfaced, and Gomez spoke up for her closest friend. Gomez then declared she was taking a sabbatical from TikTok, but not before liking a few videos that denounced Hailey’s alleged bullying.

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Then, Gomez came back to TikTok with a cosmetics guide. She urged her followers in the comments to “Please, please, consider people’ mental health and practise kindness. I only want what is best for everyone, and my heart has been heavy. entire love.” The drama persisted, though. Several others believed Justin’s birthday party favors—silver lighters imprinted with the phrase “I’m so grateful that I did not end up with what I assumed I wanted”—were a message to Gomez. The crowd at his performance at Rolling Loud at the time screamed, “F*** Hailey Bieber.” Once a few weeks had passed, communication resumed between the parties despite Hailey receiving death threats.

The severe harassment Hailey experienced from Selena Gomez’s supporters was discussed in her September Call Her Daddy interview. When asked if she or Justin had ever contacted Gomez about stepping in and stopping the harassment from her supporters, she denied having done so.

Hailey said that she had been involved with this business for a lot longer than I have, so perhaps she knows something I don’t like wouldn’t change anything.

We’ll wait and see if it’s fixed this time.

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