Police: Red Sox legend Dennis Eckersley daughter abandoned a newborn infant in the woods to die.

Dennis Eckersley
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Police: Red Sox legend Dennis Eckersley’s daughter abandoned a newborn infant in the woods to die.

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According to authorities, Alexandra Eckersley, the adopted daughter of MLB Hall-of-Famer Dennis Eckersley, is contemplating a misdemeanour charge of reckless endangerment after her newborn baby was discovered unclothed and freezing in 18-degree temperatures in a dark, forested area in New Hampshire early on Monday.

Just before one in the morning, police claimed they were called to a source of a woman giving birth to an infant in a shelter in the woods close to Manchester’s West Side Arena. Authorities believe that Alexandra, 26, lied to them about the baby’s whereabouts and that she gave birth prematurely.

The Manchester Fire Department reported that after an hour of searching, cops discovered the infant on the floor of a tent close to the Piscataqua River at Electric Street, naked and gasping for air. Police took the infant to Catholic Medical Center. The baby’s condition is getting better, according to hospital staff.

The Hillsboro Superior Court-North is scheduled to hold Alexandra’s arraignment on Tuesday, as the Manchester Sheriff’s Department reported. She was also detained for jeopardising a child’s welfare.

Alexandra was purportedly identified as Eckersley’s daughter by Manchester Fire Chief David Fleury.

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From 1975 through 1998, Dennis Eckersley pitched for the Indians, Red Sox, Cubs, Athletics, and Cardinals over the course of 24 seasons. He was nominated for six All-Star games and won the AL MVP and AL Cy Young Awards in 1992. Before the Athletics won the World Series in 1989, he was voted the ALCS MVP in 1988.

The National Hall of Fame in Baseball inducted Eckersley in 2004.

After 19 years of broadcasting for the Red Sox, Eckersley left the NESN booth in October.

As reported by the Boston Globe, Eckersley had intended to return to his native California just after the season to spend more quality time with his grandchildren.

Dennis Eckersley’s family states the discovery of his daughter’s newborn in the woods.

Dennis Eckersley, a pitcher who earned a place in baseball history, and his family issued a statement in which they expressed their “total devastation” at the situation that involved his daughter, Alexandra Eckersley, who is accused of leaving her infant in the New Hampshire woods and is now facing criminal charges.

According to WMUR and other media sites, the statement read, “We are completely grieved by the events that took place on Xmas eve when our daughter Allie gave birth to a baby whilst living in a tent.” “It is terrible that a baby was born in such horrific and unimaginable situations. We all learnt about what happened from news reports, and we’re still in disbelief. We were unaware that Allie was expecting.

We are incredibly appreciative to the hospital team in Manchester, New Hampshire, for everything they have done to assure the well-being of the newborn baby they saved.

“Our cherished daughter Alie was adopted as soon as she was born. We feel it is important to provide more context for Allie’s circumstances and background, even though it is difficult to convey. Allie has spent her entire life dealing with severe mental illness. Due to her sickness, Allie spent a lot of time in hospitals and various residential facilities. We made every effort to give Allie the support and assistance she needed.

Police answer a 911 call.

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Police claim that on December 26, just after midnight, Alexandra Eckersley, 26, contacted 911 and reported giving birth in Manchester’s woods. She admitted to going into labour in the woods and not remembering where the baby could be, telling the police and emergency services.

The temperature was 15 degrees when several police officers, firefighters, and paramedics arrived on the spot and began searching the woods after being directed by Eckersley to some adjacent baseball fields.

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