Damien Harris reflects on playing for 2 coaching legends

Damien Harris spent four seasons under Nick Saban at Alabama and another four seasons with Bill Belichick in the NFL. Initially, he had a limited role due to the talented players ahead of him but later emerged as a leading rusher for Alabama before being drafted by the New England Patriots in 2019. Quite a journey for him!

In his first year, Harris didn’t see much action, but he later became the leading rusher for the Patriots in 2020 and 2021. Despite being the starting running back in 2022, injuries limited his playing time. When comparing Saban and Belichick, Harris highlighted Saban’s focus on shaping young men for the future and Belichick’s exceptional football strategy expertise. It’s interesting to hear his perspective on the two legendary coaches!
He said, “I was incredibly lucky to play for both of those incredible coaches, and their teachings have had a profound impact on me both in college and the pros. Saban and Belichick are true legends in their own rights. Saban’s six national championships at Alabama and Belichick’s six Super Bowls with the Patriots truly speak to their greatness. Saban’s 30 seasons and 312 victories, along with Belichick’s 29 seasons and 333 victories, showcase their remarkable coaching careers.”
He further added, “It’s fascinating that Harris is one of the nine players who had the privilege of being coached by both Saban and Belichick. Harris moving to the Buffalo Bills after his time with the Patriots and playing in only the first six games of the 2023 season shows the dynamic nature of professional football.”