The Cruel King and the Great Hero Game to Be Released on March 2022 for PS4 and Switch

The Cruel King and The Great Hero: Game Will Be Released on March 2022 for PS4 and Switch
The Cruel King and The Great Hero: Game Will Be Released on March 2022 for PS4 and Switch

The launching of The Cruel King and The Great Hero for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 has been pushed back to March 15 in North America and March 11 in Europe, according to NIS America. It is supposedly launched on March 1.  

The game as described by the developer

Yuu, a little girl, sets out on a quest to become a great hero. The Cruel King, a terrifying beast who leads and protects her, stands by her side. 

The truth about the dragon king’s past, however, will soon rear its ugly head, posing a threat to their peaceful existence. Discover a narrative of camaraderie, heroism, and face the past as you explore lovely locales, defeat creatures, and solve puzzles!

The game’s Storybook Edition, based on the published article on the Anime News Network website, includes The Adventures of the Great Hero hardback artbook. The digital music Scores of Bravery a 6-inch Great Hero plush, and a collector’s box will all be included.

The Cruel King and the Great Hero was designed by Sayaka Oda. In February 2019, NIS America launched the game in the United States. In June of 2021, the game was released in Japan.

The  Great Hero 

Prior to the March release date, NIS America had indicated a release date of February 20, 2022, and then an early 2022 release date.


With your strong defender waiting in the wings, no task is too big for your formidable allies in adventure. Of course, you’ll have to fight creatures and negotiate dangerous surroundings with the aid of a helpful hand on occasion.

This journey is delightful to play. It comes with a piece of beautiful music, aesthetic inspirations from children’s storybooks, and traditional 2D scroller graphics.

Unlock treasures in the in-game gallery, including character bios and behind-the-scenes pictures. You have to collect hidden things across the area, according to the Nintendo Everything website.

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