Crayon Shin-Chan: 30th Movie Launches a New Official Soundtrack 

Crayon Shin-chan: 30th Movie Launched a New Official Soundtrack 
Crayon Shin-chan: 30th Movie Launched a New Official Soundtrack 

Toho has set to release a 100-second full trailer for Crayon Shin-chan the Movie: Mononoke Ninja Chinpuden. The anime franchise includes the theme song “Hi Wa Mata Noboru”  performed by the four-member Japanese rock band Ryokuoushoku Shakai. On April 22nd for the upcoming film in Japan.

The trailer unveils and highlights the film’s theme song, Ryoku Oushoku Shakai’s  The band made its big debut in November 2018 with Epic Records Japan, and they previously contributed theme songs for the TV anime My Hero Academia and Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, but this is their first time performing a theme song for an anime feature film, as published by Anime News Network site. 

Yoshito Usui wrote and drew Crayon Shin-chan, a Japanese manga series that debuted in 1990 in Futabasha’s Weekly Manga Action. The manga, in its original form, concluded on September 11, 2009, due to the untimely death of author Yoshito Usui.

Crayon Shin-chan

The story begins when Hesogakure Chiyome arrives in front of the Nohara family and presents Chinzo, the kid she brought with her, stating, “He is your true child.” Shinnosuke has been whisked away to the “Ninja Village” where only ninjas reside. Shinnosuke will be shown as a ninja in the film, which hints at the mystery surrounding Shinnosuke’s birth.

Shinnosuke is the successor of the Hesogakure clan, a ninja clan that has defended the “Earth’s Navel” for generations as a user of the “Mononoke no Jutsu.” The Earth will wither and tomorrow will never come when the plug of the “Earth’s Navel” is yanked out… Shinnosuke is not a Nohara family member, but rather a ninja who guards the planet!

The film’s director, Masakazu Hashimoto, also co-wrote the script alongside Crayon Shin-chan animation creator Kimiko Ueno according to the post news on the Crunchy Roll website.

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