Classroom of the Elite Anime Announces Upcoming Sequel

Classroom of the Elite
Classroom of the Elite

A sequel to 2017’s Classroom of the Elite has been announced on the anime’s website. A special show on March 6th will reveal details about the upcoming anime. The show will star Shouya Chiba and Yurika Kubo as voice actors.

Classroom of the Elite Season 2

On Monday, Feb. 21, the official Japanese website for the Classroom of the Elite franchise announced that a sequel adaptation is in the works. The franchise has been on hiatus for more than four years, according to HITC.

The first season of the anime series was televised from July to September 2017 and the long-awaited sequel to the fans will finally be produced, as per the announcement released.

In conjunction with the news, a new character visual image was also released. Even if announcements about a renewed Classroom of the Elite series are welcomed by fans, it is unlikely that many members of the wider community will be shocked by the series’ eventual reappearance.

As per the report, many fans were disappointed to see that the announcement of the planned Classroom of the Elite sequel did not come with any information about a possible release date. However, there is a possibility that a specific release window will be announced sooner than most people anticipate.

That’s because, on March 6th, a special show on the Kadokawa Anime YouTube channel is set to be aired live.


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