Chris Johnson, a former NFL player, is charged with murder-for-hire shootings.

Chris Johnson
Image source: New York Post

Chris Johnson, a former NFL player, is charged with murder-for-hire shootings.

Image source: New York Post

When Chris Johnson’s representative was contacted for comment regarding the allegations, Chris Johnson, who played one season with the New York Jets in 2014, denied them.

According to court records acquired by TMZ Sports, former NFL running back Chris Johnson is accused of bribing a suspected gang member to kill two guys who shot him and killed his companion in 2015.

Although Johnson, 34, has not been charged with a crime, authorities think he paid Dominic Bolden, a “noted Florida gang member,” to kill the alleged shooters in an Orlando drive-by shooting in March 2015.

Johnson, a Pro Bowler for three-time who last competed for Arizona in 2017, was wounded by a gunshot during the massacre in Orlando but recovered completely. Dreekius Oricko Johnson, the Jeep’s driver, died from a head wound. At the time, police claimed Johnson was “uncooperative,” They felt the car had been deliberately targeted.

After Johnson was shot, Bolden is accused of killing the alleged Orlando snipers in January and July 2016. An insider told authorities that Johnson gave Bolden “funds and an individual” who could provide him with drugs for the narcotics trafficking business in exchange for the alleged deeds and helped Bolden run the operation.

The informant claimed that Bolden became the drug trafficking organization’s “de facto leader” due to the alleged “death for hire” plot, raising his status and reputation.

On Thursday afternoon, Johnson tweeted “fake news,” Earlier, a Johnson representative refuted the claims.

Johnson’s representative informed TMZ that none of the charges were true.

Before being released, Johnson played one disappointing season with the Jets of New York in 2014. Before joining the Jets, he played six seasons of standout football for the Tennessee Titans, including one 2,000-yard season.

According to the latest court records the gossip website was able to get, investigators now suspect that Johnson was the target of a “gang-related murder attempt” when he was shot.

Who is Chris Johnson?

Image source: The US Sun

CHRIS Johnson was charged with a horrific act. He will be discussed in a 20/20 episode on Friday, March 10, 2023.

James Christopher Johnson is the full name of Johnson.

The 61-year-old is wed to Ginnie Grevett.

He was previously engaged to 52-year-old mother and librarian Andrea Cincotta, who was killed in 1998.

Johnson and Cincotta had been cohabitating in an apartment in Arlington, Virginia.

According to The Washington Post, Johnson discovered Cincotta dead on the ground of her bedroom cupboard on August 22, 1998. She’d been choked to death.

Johnson was soon named as a suspect in Cincotta’s killing.

He was questioned by Arlington homicide police for 28 hours over the first three days following the discovery of Andrea Cincotta’s body in their shared residence, according to the report.

During the interrogation, Johnson admitted to being responsible for killing his fiancée, according to DarikNews. When his account of what happened did not coincide with Cincotta’s cause of death, the police let him go.

Johnson has since discussed the circumstances surrounding his alleged fake confession. He will talk about the subject in his appearance for the 20/20 television broadcast.

What was Chris Johnson charged with?

Image source: ABC News

According to The Washington Post, Johnson was charged with hiring Bobby Joe Leonard, a maintenance worker at the couple’s apartment complex, to assassinate Cincotta.

Leonard received the previous PC that Cincotta and Johnson shared.

According to The Washington Post, Leonard was given a life sentence in jail in 2000 for the Fairfax County kidnapping, rape, and choke of a 13-year-old girl.

The magazine also revealed that in 2018, Leonard admitted to killing Cincotta while speaking with Arlington Detective Rosa Ortiz from behind bars.

Nevertheless, he asserted that another person had asked him to carry out the horrible crime.

According to the outlet: “He claimed that he had received a call from a white man who appeared to be Cincotta’s fiancé offering him $5,000 to murder her. He claimed that the individual gave specifics on Cincotta’s itinerary and informed him that the $5,000 would be kept in his bedroom closet. Although it wasn’t, Leonard never took action to obtain it before being imprisoned for the Fairfax attack.”

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