Chris Cuomo Allegedly Demands $60M Settlement from CNN amid Controversy Involving Former Governor Brother

Chris Cuomo Allegedly Demands $60 Million Settlement From CNN Amid Controversy Involving Former Governor Brother
Chris Cuomo Allegedly Demands $60 Million Settlement From CNN Amid Controversy Involving Former Governor Brother

Last December, former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo was dismissed when it was revealed that he had assisted his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. The former Governor was said to be strategizing and defending himself against charges of sexual misconduct and harassment. Following the event and its controversy, the former anchor also resigned from his post as host of SiriusXM’s Let’s Get After It.

At the time, Cuomo acknowledged on social media that the manner his tenure at CNN ended was difficult. He has thick skin, but he also has a family, and the past week has been really tough for them. As a result, he has to take a step back and concentrate on what’s next. He also stated that he will miss the talks and that he hopes to be able to contact people again in the future.

MSN reported that on the heels of his former boss, Jeff Zucker, resigning from CNN, Cuomo is demanding upwards of $60 million from his former network. Zucker had a consensual relationship with Allison Gollust, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of CNN Worldwide, according to the investigation of Cuomo’s tenure.

Rumor has it that Chris wants money from Megyn Kelly, the former Fox News presenter, who resigned from her NBC job after less than two years in the midst of her own controversy. In her settlement, Kelly was awarded $69 million.

Cuomo’s $60 million number is based on what he would have made if he had remained for another 10-15 years, despite the fact that he only had an $18 million contract left when he left.

CNN – Cuomo Controversy

Cuomo is thought to be looking for a lot more than the $18 million he has remaining on his contract. After it was discovered that he was assisting his brother with his publicity plan, he was sacked.

Sources say Cuomo would contend that former CNN President Jeff Zucker knew about his brother, former Gov. Andrew Cuomo, knew of Chris’s tight friendship with his brother, former Gov. After a probe found he sexually abused 11 women, Cuomo resigned.

On February 2, Zucker, 56, resigned after failing to disclose a connection he was having with a network executive to the corporation.

According to the Dailymail News, Chris plans to fight for every penny on his contract, as well as the loss of revenue from the remaining 15 to 20 years of his profession. CNN will not pay him more than $80 million if he asks for it. However, there’s a chance he’ll seek around $60 million.

The network dismissed Chris Cuomo for assisting Andrew, his elder brother, in the sex pest incident. The network’s long-serving president, Jeff Zucker, has been having an affair with his top staffer for some years, Chris reported to CNN’s senior executives last week in retaliation.

Andrew Cuomo is no longer in power. Jeff Zucker and Chris Cuomo are both out of CNN.

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