‘Chainsaw Man’ Cameo On The ‘My Hero Academia’ Season 6 Teaser Just Got Edited Out

‘My Hero Academia’ Season 6
Image source: (Turtle Quirk/YouTube)

Deku, All Might, and the rest of the “My Hero Academia” (“Boku no Hīrō Akademia”) crew are heading their sixth season and there’s no doubt that fans are pretty much waiting for the said installment of the anime series.

It is said that it will be featuring what could be the wildest arc (War Arc) in the series as this will band together a lot of pro heroes. Its teaser got quite the traction as eagle-eyed fans noticed that one of the sketches is a well-known character from the “Chainsaw Man” manga series.  

 ‘My Hero Academia’ Season 6

‘My Hero Academia’s’ ‘Chainsaw Man’ cameo  

The anime party in Japan that is Jump Festa has stirred up quite the talk among anime especially “My Hero Academia” fans as the annual event capped off with Kohei Horikoshi’s popular anime series, Comicbook reports. As mentioned, they gave the fans a taste of things to come in the anime series, though they noticed that a character is missing.  

“My Hero Academia” fan Atsushi101X took to Twitter to shed some clarification on this interesting part of the Season 6 teaser. The tweet showed two images where the left features a panel from the manga where on the left of the character Fatgum, one can’t miss the jagged head of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man which is an equally popular manga series.  

However, in the Season 6 teaser on the right, Chainsaw Man is replaced by a different character. Instead of a chainsaw, it was replaced with a blade with serrated edges, though it still dons a business suit may well seem to confirm that the character is similar to the one in the manga.

Fans are bummed  

Down in the comments, fans were frustrated that they have to edit out that minute yet noticeable detail. It’s worth noting that Japan’s law regarding copyright is pretty tough, and anime guidelines do not translate to anime rules.   

It is believed that the “My Hero Academia” creator may have gotten permission from the “Chainsaw Man” creator to use the character as a cameo. However, it’s a different story if it’s the anime iteration of their work as it is deemed to have more red tape on that part.